TSMC Engineer Berates Girlfriend After Landing Job At Company

Ramish Zafar
While TSMC can measure transistor feature lengths down to 3-nanometer (less than one hundredths of a human hair's width) it is yet to measure a broken heart. Original image: AP/Chiang Ying-ying

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An engineer working for the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) started to taunt his girlfriend after gaining a job at the company according to a post on social media. TSMC is one of Taiwan's largest companies, and the firm is often described as the country's "sacred mountain" due to its importance in the global supply chain of semiconductors and the island region's geopolitical conflicts with China. A post from the engineer's girlfriend made on the social media platform Dcard saw her complain about being 'talked down' for working as a nurse as her partner secured a job at TSMC.

TSMC Engineer Taunts Nurse Girlfriend Despite Making The Same Amount Of Money

The post was made on Dcard earlier this week, and according to a translated version, it saw an anonymous user share her relationship problems after her partner managed to secure a job at TSMC.

She complained that before the couple had started dating, her boyfriend was an equipment engineer who would regularly joke about the low salaries he and his counterparts would make - and use them as a reason behind him being unable to land a girlfriend.

After the couple got together, the woman who works as a nurse was initially making more money than the boyfriend and during that time he would joke that should he land a better job in the future, then he would support her. However, things changed after he managed to land a job at TSMC. This led to a slight increase in pay which made his salary equal to the girlfriend's, but it also came with other perks such as the ability to use a smartphone at work, company provided meals and weekends off.

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However, since landing the job, his attitude towards his partner has also changed. According to her, he has become more dismissive of work, even though before working at TSMC he would appreciate the long hours that nurses spend at hospitals as part of their job. Now, he regularly criticizes her for having a less important job that is not as professional as his role at TSMC.

She added that he would continue to share with her articles that decry a lack of professionalism in the nursing sector, and if she talks about potential career development options such as surgery, instead of supporting her, the partner would instead reply by stating that all nurses are the same regardless of the specialization.

In response, Dcard users replied that engineering is an inflated profession with a maximum career life of 20 years. One user asked the poster to ask her partner about his grade, stating that technicians at TSMC often lie about their roles since they know that the outside public is unaware of employment grades.

Employment at TSMC is highly sought after in Taiwan, and in another Dcard post that we covered in June, a man's girlfriend suggested to him that he start working at the company if he wanted to have kids and raise a family. The original poster shared that most workers at TSMC either have a Masters or a Ph.D. degree and since he only has an undergraduate level education, he might be unable to secure a role at the firm.

Responding to his post, some users suggested that he break up with his girlfriend while others shared that his salary was higher than what they were currently earning at the Taiwanese chipmaking company. Some suggested that he learn new skills for better earning prospects, with others said that he will be "slaughtered" by girls if he does not change his mindset.

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