Tribes: Ascend Finally Getting the Support it Deserves


Development of Tribes: Ascend, a re-imagining of the MMOFPS Tribes series, will be resumed now that Smite and Paladins has been able to bring success to Hi-Rez Studios. Soon we'll see much more in an iconic game.

Tribes: Ascend is getting a new map and a dedicated team to bring it back to life.

The Tribes series was likely one of the most exciting original MMOFPS games to hit the scene when the first game was released in 1998. It set the standard for squad-based multiplayer mayhem in a vast open-world. And it was rather disappointing when Tribes: Ascend was released and very quickly unsupported due to budgetary issues.

Unfortunately, shortly after release they had to halt development as their smaller team were then focusing on finishing Smite, which has also been very successful since its launch.

It's unclear what the actual future holds for Tribes: Ascend, though perhaps the nostalgic feeling will bring players back as it was well received by nearly everyone who played it. So soon enough we'll have public test servers up that'll have preview some of what's to come. Will we see new ideas, or perhaps the refinement of older tried and true mechanisms? Perhaps the inclusion of DX12 for even larger and more varied environments?