TravelHacker Premium Subscription Is Up For An Amazing Discount Offer For A Few Hours – Avail Now


The pandemic has made us stir-crazy, and even though there are vaccines available, there are still many restrictions in place. So, if you want to travel but aren’t sure where you can, we have you covered. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount offer on the TravelHacker Premium Subscription. The offer will expire in a few hours, so avail it right away.

TravelHacker Premium Subscription Features

With this amazing subscription, you will be able to find the cheapest flights to safe destinations automatically. This app will help you find deals in safe countries without doing a lot of research. The application covers 124 countries and over 3,800 airports worldwide! Here are highlights of what the TravelHacker Premium Subscription has in store for you:

  •  Create an unlimited route and regions alerts
  •  Uncover rare deals Skyscanner & Google Flights would never find
  •  Simple "Set it & forget it" Technology
  •  Receive unlimited "Error Fares" and rare deals!
  •  Enable smart pandemic-friendly destinations with just a click
  •  Monitor 1,000's of flights departing from your home airport
  •  Book directly on Skyscanner, Google Flights, & more
  •  All airlines supported (global coverage)
  •  Set up in 2 minutes

System Requirements

  •  Any modern browser
  •  Facebook Account to join the TravelHacker Group

Important Details

  •  Length of access: 1 year/3 year/Lifetime
  •  Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  •  Access options: desktop or mobile
  •  Max number of devices: 1
  •  Only available to new users
  •  Version: 1.2
  •  Updates included

This subscription is amazing, and it will help you get back out there without being a burden on your pocket and without risking your health. It is a great favorite and has been reviewed and rated highly by the users. You should get your hands on it right away as the discount will expire in a few hours.

Original Price TravelHacker Premium Subscription:
1-Year: $250 I 3-Year: $500 I Lifetime: $5,000
Wccftech Discount Price TravelHacker Premium Subscription:
1-Year: $39 I 3-Year: $59 I Lifetime: $149