Transformers MMO Game no longer a dream

Every kid who grew up in the 90's HAS to know about transformers G1 which was perhaps the most EXCELLENT transformers series ever made until it was ruined by these horrible cartoons you see on CartoonNetwork, after World of Warcraft, Rebellion created a Dawn of War MMOG and there was even an Age of Conan MMO, and now it looks like Transformers is about to enter the wild world of MMO games it won't be long until we see autobot and decepticons wage battle on our screens but not against AI but rather against real players.

Hasbro is on board for the project and right now the game is apparently in a BETA stage

“NetDragon’s proven expertise at creating hugely successful MMOG’s, coupled with the passion they share for the iconic TRANSFORMERS brand, means we are thrilled to be entering into this license with them to deliver a truly ground-breaking MMO to fans in China and selected markets in Asia and Russia/CIS,” said Mark Blecher, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Digital Media & Gaming at Hasbro.

An official release date has been announced for Asia, Middle East, CIS and even North Africa, you can expect the war to be waged in 2011. It seems NetDragon is aiming this game specifically at a specific audience rather then a global release. But maybe we will hear about it sometime in the near future.

Good news for us in the East I guess but for now the West will have to be robot less for quite some time

Source : Tom's Hardware

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