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Ali Salman

iOS and Android are two different operating systems that work fluidly in their own respective ecosystem. With iOS, you have AirDrop to transfer photos and videos on another iOS device. On the other hand, Android uses Android Beam to send and receive photos from another device. However, it is really cumbersome and annoying to transfer photos from an iOS device to an Android device or vice versa. If you're someone like me who uses both of these operating systems, there's an easy way to swipe your photos from one OS to another.

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Transfer Photos From iOS To Android With FotoSwipe

FotoSwipe is a brand new app for both, iOS and Android that transfers your photos from one device to another. While there may be plenty of other apps on the market for this specific functionality, FotoSwipe does it way better with a wee bit of intuitiveness. The app is not restricted to the mobile platform, it can also send and receive photos from a computer.


For now, let's just focus on FotoSwipe for iOS and Android. Once you install the app on your iOS and Android device. The procedure to send and receive photos is relatively simple and fun. Once the app is installed, launch it and let it access your photos. Simply swipe your photo to the right edge of the screen to send it. On the other phone, you must tap on the ''Tap to Receive'' button to get it. This is it. You can send videos as well as multiple files using the same procedure. Check out the video below for more details.

If you wish to send files to a computer from your smartphone, head to the FotoSwipe website on your PC and launch the app on your device. You will be prompted with a Pairing Code once you swipe your photo to share. The Pairing Code will mark the authentication of the device that you're sending a file to. After a short while, your file will appear on your computer in the browser's download folder. It's this simple.

Sending and receiving photos across different devices has never been this simple. If you have your location enabled on both of your phones, you will not be prompted a Pairing Code otherwise it will. FotoSwipe requires minimum setup and the procedure is fairly simple. At times of need, the app does a wonderful job in transferring photos across devices. FotoSwipe is available as a free download for both iOS and Android.

Have you ever felt the need to transfer photos from iOS to Android? If yes, will you be giving this app a whirl? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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