Transfer Computer Files To Your Smartphone With Pushbullet’s ‘Portal’ App

Its been long since the provision of cross platform file transfer services have made their way to mobile and computers. Pushbullet has been providing such services for quite a while for business as well as home use. Most of us use Pushbullet as part of our daily routine to move data from one device t another and yes, the service has been a source of great help.

Pushbullet has released an all new application 'Portal', that reduces the effort to transfer files across different platforms. The methodology involves a simple Wi-Fi connection that aids in the transfer of data from your computer to any other Pushbullet supported device, either a smartphone or a tablet. There have been an ease to access and transfer files with Portal which is a light yet very powerful tool considering home network or business use.

The Fastest Way To Transfer Files From Computer to Smart Devices - Portal

Portal involves enhanced security measures as it requires a QR code to be scanned and only then your file can be shared on your other device. Since it uses a local LAN connection. The procedure is really simple to transfer files across different devices. All you need to do is open your Portal application and the Portal website on your computer. Over there you will be asked to scan a QR code. Once you do that, you can drag and drop files to be transferred to another device. Instantaneously, your files will be moved to the directed device.

Portal has an immense scope in the market for various fields. However, the app feels short of a feature which would have been cool. The ability to transfer files both ways has been denied which means you cannot send files from your smartphone or tablet to your computer. Although, the Portal team did say that they are open to any sort of experimentation and demand oriented features.

In the near future, the Portal app can be integrated into other PC software to expand its span of control and widen the likely utility features. Its a very useful app that incorporates in to enumerable fields. Due to its ease of use and very fast file transfer time, Portal will definitely play a part in its users work habits. If you liked the app, Portal is now available on the Google Play Store but does not support iOS for the time being. As for now, let us know if you think Portal is any helpful for you.

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