TP-Link AC1200 Range Extender with OneMesh Currently Discounted to Just $34.99


Looking for a fast, reliable Wi-Fi range extender? Then look no further than the TP-Link RE315. It also supports OneMesh, which is amazing!

This Fast TP-Link RE315 Range Extender Also Supports the Company's OneMesh Tech and Costs Just a Measly $34.99 Today

Mesh systems, though quite cheap in certain cases, can still prove to be expensive if you only want to add more coverage to a small area of a property. Most of the time, the ISP provided Wi-Fi point is more than enough, and you can extend it further using a device like a range extender, which is a lot in most cases.

If you are out and about looking for one, a range extender, then look no further than the TP-Link RE315. It usually costs around $49.99 on a regular day but Amazon is discounting it to just $34.99 for a limited time, saving you $15 instantly. Once set up and installed, which is super easy by the way using the Tether app for both iPhone and Android, you will be covering 1500 square feet of area with fast, reliable Wi-Fi in no time.

Thanks to its AC1200 speeds, it offers dual-band connectivity and works best with dual-band routers as well. It can handle up to 25 devices at once and also supports OneMesh if you have a TP-Link router already that supports it.

But, the real magic of this range extender kicks into action if you already have a TP-Link router than supports OneMesh. Once the feature is enabled, this extender will act as a mesh point, giving you seamless connectivity throughout your home. You can check whether your current TP-Link router supports OneMesh or not by going here.

Whether you plan to use it as a range extender or as a mesh point, this deal is simply amazing. Just hop over to the link below and grab this deal right away. There are no discount codes or coupons needed here either.

Buy TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender(RE315) - Was $49.99, now just $34.99