What is Total War: WARHAMMER? New Trailer Reveals All

Total War Warhammer

If you're still confused about the merger between Total War and Warhammer, SEGA have got you covered.

Total War: WARHAMMER is hitting shelves over the next few weeks, and this latest trailer aims to try and sum up what makes the spin-off so unique.

From the press release:

Total War: WARHAMMER is essentially two games in one. You’ll lead your chosen race on the Grand Campaign map, managing your empire in matters of diplomacy, economy and military strength. You’ll command great heroes and customise them with a wealth of options pertaining to skills, spells and personal quests. You’ll make friends and then stab them in the back to further your own diabolical or benevolent ends. You’ll ultimately strike the balance between survival and conquest as you strive to expand your empire from the southern Badlands to the Northern Wastes.

But with expansion, comes the inevitable conflict and it’s on the battlefields of the Old World where you’ll hone your skills as a military tactician. Total War: WARHAMMER features breath-taking, real time battles, the likes of which have never been realised in a Warhammer video game. Huge flying monsters will swoop from the sky with deadly intent, reality itself will ripple with the winds of magic leaving destruction in their wake and amongst the rank and file troops, heroes will emerge on the battlefield to bring you glory.

Total War: WARHAMMER will be available to purchase on May 24th; you can pre-order it on Steam.

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