Total War: Warhammer II Drops Its Final DLC Today, Adding New Lords, Units, and More


Total War: Warhammer III marches our way later this year, but before that happens, Creative Assembly are delivering one more update for Total War: Warhammer II. “The Silence & The Fury” update adds two new Legendary Lords (Taurox and Oxyotl), nine units for the Beastmen and Lizarman races, a variety of free content, and more. You can check out a teaser trailer for The Silence & The Fury, below.

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Here’s a bit more on what to expect from The Silence & The Fury update:

Legendary Lords

  • Taurox is a nigh-invulnerable Doombull with but one weakspot at his neck, the only part of his body not covered in brass. Taunted by the Chaos Gods, he believes he can finish his ascendence and become unstoppable if he simply completes a ritual to Chaos and lets it flood into the world. True or not, he gathers the herd to find the Heart of the Dark, completing other, minor rituals to locate it and begin his work.
  • Oxyotl is a Chameleon Skink and Lizardmen lord, stealthy and with the ability to sense Chaos. Taurox's rituals and plan has garnered Oxyotl's attention, and he knows he must stop the Beastmen if the world is to remain, relatively, peaceful. With his focus on stealth, Oxyotl must revive Silent Sanctums in the secret places of the world and gain the power needed to stop Taurox.

New Units

On the Beastmen side we have:

  • The Doombull (Lord) – the most ferocious minotaurs ever born, they’re powerful, resilient, and daze opponents in combat.
  • Wargor (Hero) – carrying a mace and shield they are brutal leaders for their kin, improving their fighting capabilities.
  • Tuskgor Chariot – beast-drawn chariots with vanguard deployment.
  • Ghorgon (Monster) – giant and mutated minotaurs, deceptively fast, and perfect for taking on larger enemies.
  • Jabberslythe (Monster) – a powerful, horrifying fusion of toad, sludge-drake, and insect. Area of effect attacks, debuffs, and worth as much as a Charlemagne.

And for the Lizardmen:

  • Skink Oracle (Hero) – a spellcaster with access to a unique selection of spells from various lores.
  • Chameleon Stalkers (Infantry) – ambush units with an explosive dart first-strike ability.
  • Coatl (Flying Monster) – highly intelligent, very scary, and able to hide their allies and bring forth lightning with their magic.
  • Troglodon (Monster) – poison-dealing monsters that can also shoot their venomous spit, which is effective against larger targets.

Free Content

  • The Great Bray Shaman is an additional lord for the Beastmen. As a powerful caster and a respected member of any tribe, they bring flexibility and power to the battlefield for their clans.
  • On the shorter side of things, Thorek Ironbrow is a new legendary lord for the Dwarfs, bringing his proud race into the Eye of the Vortex campaign for the very first time.
  • And on the significantly larger side comes the Ogre Mercenaries. Five units will be available to any faction in WARHAMMER II. Cause enough destruction and death, and you might prove yourself worthy to bring these absolute units into battle.

Old World Updates

  • Last but certainly not least, this Lords Pack also ushers in Old World Updates for both the Beastmen and Dwarf races. This update dramatically overhauls numerous features for both races, meaning their campaigns and battles are more fun, engaging and offer a more lore-thentic experience.

Total War: Warhammer II is available now on PC. The Silence & The Fury update is also available and will set you back $10.