Total War: Three Kingdoms Getting Chapter Packs and Modding Support Post Launch

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Total War: Three Kingdoms hasn’t released just yet, but developer Creative Assembly are already detailing their post-launch plans. For paid DLC, you can expect a series of “Chapter Packs,” which Creative Assembly say are somewhere between the Culture Packs and Campaign Packs they’ve offered for previous games in terms of scope. Modding support will also arrive shortly after launch, and, of course, there will be the usual free patches and updates. Check out the full post-launch rundown, below.

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We’re taking a slightly different approach to DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms; based both on the exciting opportunities the Romance of the Three Kingdoms source material offers us and the preference we know players have for larger DLCs which adds considerable new replay. What you’ll see initially for TW3K DLC are what we are calling “Chapter Packs.”

We’ll be taking notable chapters from Romance and creating new start positions that reflect their events. Adding a cast of new and familiar characters, features and objectives each time, that exemplify that chapter and the thrilling stories it tells. While you’ll find a selection of new heroes and villains populating each new chapter, you’ll also see some familiar faces from the main game. However, they’ll be at a different point in their life, and are likely to have a very different set of needs and desires at this stage in their journey.

In terms of “size” of content, you can expect a Chapter Pack to be somewhere between a Culture Pack and a Campaign Pack. There will be a serious clutch of new playable factions and a raft of new mechanics to get to grips with in each, while you’ll be playing across all of China. Our hope is that, eventually, when you start a fresh campaign you’ll get to decide where in the epic tale of the Three Kingdoms you want to dive in. Picking from a range of exciting scenarios and challenges that reflect some of the most remarkable legends ever told.


Thanks to our publisher’s and your support, we were able to delay Total War: Three Kingdoms by a couple of months to add a further level of polish and incorporate even more feedback, like unit card changes and extreme unit sizes for example. Right now we’re in a great place with the game and really, really happy with its playability and stability. Of course, we know that no matter what we might think, as soon as the game launches and millions of people start playing, there’s going to be some things we need to act on fast. To that end, alongside the DLC team, we’ll have additional support from the core team aiming to address any urgent updates from launch.


We’re pleased to say that we’ll be releasing an Assembly Kit for Total War: Three Kingdoms shortly after launch. The game’s data structure opens up a raft of new modding opportunities which, coupled with updated tools, has been exciting the beta test group of modders we’ve had looking at the game and the Kit already.

We won’t be releasing the Assembly Kit or turning on the Workshop at launch, as we’ve found that players report bugs caused by mods and that can hamper our initial patching response. But stand by for more news very soon.

Excited for Total War: Three Kingdoms? You should be! Wccftech’s strategy specialist Chris Wray gave the game a rare 10 out of 10 review

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Total War: Three Kingdoms is as close to flawless as you'll find, with a fantastic balance of 4X strategy and character-focused development and emergent storytelling. The battles are frantic, with increased tactical opportunities through dueling. City development is more intuitive and less restrictive, though still requires thought and all of this takes place on a China that looks downright fantastic, where even the UI and menus look great. This is the Total War experience and a new high for the series.

Total War: Three Kingdoms marches onto PC on May 23.

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