Total War: Attila – Empires of Sand Culture Pack Announced


A new expansion pack has just been announced for Total War: Attila, Empires of Sand. This new paid expansion pack has a lot of new content to add, including new campaign dynamics, three new factions, new horde mechanics and even addition religious features.

Three new historically powerful African and Middle Eastern cultures come to Total War: Attila September 15th.

The three new cultures are all from the deserts of Africa and the Middle East. The Tanukhids are a horde faction, representing a desert rebellion with a very aggressive natural play style, plus a host of unique traits and features. The Aksum are masters of trade, having built their kingdom based on excellent trade routes. You can take advantage of that fact as it's reflected in the game. Himyar is a powerful Arabian kingdom, and they survive in their arid lands through a series of specialized adaptations to the desert that translate into the game.

Each of the new factions has their own unique building trees, event chains and other campaign specific features, making each one a very unique part of the game.

Because of the dramatic impact religious changes had on these cultures in this period, the Empires of Sand culture pack includes a number of changes that increase the importance of religion. There are three new religions available: Eastern Christianity, Judaism and Semitic Paganism. It's also deeply integrated into other aspects of the game, affecting victory conditions, events, technologies and even building chains.

Total War: Attila Empire of Sand Culture Pack releases on September 15th 2015 and can be pre-ordered on Steam for $7.19.

The new units that'll make it in the game:


  • Badyia Skirmishers – Light stalk (remain hidden in all terrains) Javelinmen
  • Desert Pikes – Light, rapid advance pikes with high missile block chance
  • Dune Lancers – Very light guerilla-deployment shock cavalry with javelin precursor
  • Mavia’s Bodyguards – Very heavy shock cavalry (general’s unit)
  • Mavia’s Chargers – Very light shock cav with very good charge bonus
  • Mavia’s Chosen – Very light shock cav with exceptional charge bonus
  • Mavia’s Lancers – Very light shock cav with good charge bonus
  • Rebellion Militia – Zero-upkeep troops with high missile block chance and low damage
  • Sandstorm Lancers – Very light guerilla deployment shock cavalry with javelin precursor
  • Tanukhid Ambushers – Light stalk swordsmen with exceptional charge
  • Tanukhid Pikes – Heavy pikes with rapid advance
  • Desert Palatina Defectors – Heavy Roman defensive infantry
  • Desert Legionary Guards - Heavy Roman defensive infantry
  • Hetaireia Guards – Roman two-handed axe infantry
  • Clibanarii – Heavy Roman shock cavalry with bows


  • Abunas Guard – Heavy defensive spear cavalry (Eastern Christian only)
  • Adana Marksmen – Elite Warhound bowmen
  • Adana Trackers – Warhound Bowmen
  • Afar Camel Riders – Guerilla deployment mounted Camel Swordsmen
  • Afar Raidmasters – Shock infantry with exceptional attack (Semitic Pagan only)
  • Afar Swordsmen – Shock infantry with high attack
  • Beher’s Chosen – Heavy shotel unit (Semitic Pagan only)
  • Bet Giorgis Cavalry – Medium spear cavalry with exceptional attack (Eastern Christian only)
  • Elite Tor Warriors – Heavy defensive spears
  • Marz Archers – Snipe (fire from cover) archers
  • Masqal Spearmen – High armour-piercing, high attack spearmen (Eastern Christian only)
  • Mounted Marz Archers – Mounted archers
  • Ras Guard – Heavy defensive spear unit with precursor
  • Sons of the Invincible Mahrem – High base damage, high attack spearmen (Semitic Pagan only)
  • Spice Guard – Hybrid two-handed axe unit with bow
  • Spice Warriors – Light khanda wielder


  • Almaqahs Lancers – Very heavy camel lancers (Semitic Pagan only)
  • Armoured Himyarite Shotelai – Armoured camel mounted shotelai
  • Ashum – Light archers with large shield
  • Athars Chosen – 80 man unit with exceptional health, attack, morale, damage and charge (Semitic Pagan only)
  • Baltha Defenders – Elite heavy defensive axe infantry
  • Baltha Warriors – Defensive axe infantry
  • Himyarite Shotelai – Camel mounted shotel unit
  • Jamal al-Baltha – Camel mounted axe men
  • Jamal al-Rumha – Camel mounted javelin unit
  • Khahyahlim – Heavily armoured defensive sword unit (Judaism only)
  • Rumha Skirmishers – Heavily armoured skirmishers with spear wall formation
  • Rumha Warriors – Elite heavy skirmishers with spear wall formation
  • Sahnegohrim – Exceptional melee defense unit (Judaism only)
  • Zafar Sentinels – Very heavy defensive axe unit (general only)
  • Zealot Sicarius – Fragile stalk unit with high moral and charge (Judaism only)
  • Zodiac Archers - Mounted archers (Semitic Pagan only)