This Year’s Top Searches on Google for Tech Products Include Nintendo Switch & Xbox One X Consoles


Google has published this year's top searches for all categories and the tech category, the one we're most interested in, includes two consoles in its Top 5, Nintendo's Switch and Microsoft's Xbox One X. These are strong results in a category that's otherwise dominated by smartphones, devices that operate in a much bigger market. In fact, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X ended up at the second and third place in the overall category, which once again testifies the incredible pull of the Apple brand.

Going back to the aforementioned consoles, this is yet another confirmation that they're both selling very well. Nintendo recently announced to have sold through 10 million units of the Switch; we don't have any concrete figures for Microsoft's Xbox One X yet since it only launched a month ago, but early impressions from the industry are strong - Gamespot said that the console is "off to a good start" and research firm IHS Markit recently doubled the forecast for this year's Xbox One X sales.

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Below you can find the full Top 10 charts for entertainment categories after Consumer Tech.

Consumer Tech

1) iPhone 8
2) iPhone X
3) Nintendo Switch
4) Samsung Galaxy S8
5) Xbox One X
6) Nokia 3310
7) Razer Phone
8) Oppo F5
9) OnePlus 5
10) Nokia 6

TV Shows

1) Stranger Things
2) 13 Reasons Why
3) Big Brother Brasil
4) Game of Thrones
5) Iron Fist
6) Bigg Boss
7) Riverdale
8) American Gods
9) The Kapil Sharma Show
10) Mindhunter


1) IT
2) Wonder Woman
3) Beauty and the Beast
4) Logan
5) Justice League
6) The Fate of the Furious
7) Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
8) Dunkirk
9) La La Land
10) Thor: Ragnarok


1) Meghan Markle
2) Kevin Spacey
3) Gal Gadot
4) Louis C.K.
5) Bill Skarsgård
6) Millie Bobby Brown
7) Tom Holland
8) Kaley Cuoco
9) Saoirse Ronan
10) Jason Momoa

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Global Sporting Events

1) Wimbledon
2) Super Bowl
3) Mayweather vs McGregor Fight
4) Tour de France
5) World Series
6) Australian Open
7) US Open
8) FIFA Confederations Cup
9) NBA Playoffs
10) UEFA Champions League


1) Despacito
2) Shape of You
3) Perfect
4) Havana
5) Look What You Made Me Do
7) Versace on the Floor
8) Closer
9) Bad and Boujee
10) Rockstar

Musicians and Bands

1) Ariana Grande
2) Linkin Park
3) Lady Gaga
4) Mariah Carey
5) Ed Sheeran
6) Travis Scott
7) Kendrick Lamar
8) Lil Pump
9) Katy Perry
10) Cardi B