Top 5 Reasons Why iPhone 5s is a better buy than Samsung Galaxy S4

Sohaib Ahmad

Over the last couple of years in the mobile business, Apple has held its ground ground with just one weapon in its arsenal. When the iPhone was released, it was a formidable product with something new to it. Well, Apple has done it again with its next generation of the iPhone, namely the iPhone 5s.

iphone 5s

Here's Why the iPhone 5s is a better buy than Galaxy S4

Most people will disagree that the new product brings something out of the ordinary. In our opinion, It heralds the dawn of a new horizon.

  • The new Apple A7 Chipset ticking inside the 5s brings with it the newer 8th version of ARM's instruction set, With this comes 64bit computing allowing 4gb+ ram to be addressed and utilized although the iOS does its job with just 1GB. With the new instruction set comes sheer power which apple has put to good use.
  • The graphic area is covered by the PowerVR G6430, which again is the latest in the market. Ironically this whole soc is manufactured by Apple’s arch-rival Samsung .
  • The S4 on the other hand utilizes the older ARM v7 instruction set via its cortex A15/Krait 300/Krait 400. It is saddening to see the abysmal performance 4 cores have against just 2.

samsung galaxy s4

  • Until new ARMv8 cores reach the market via the cortex A57, Apple clearly has the upper hand in performance as well as efficiency, clearly the 5s’s 1560 mah battery is just like a kidde in front of the huge 2600mah battery.
  • The body of the iPhone 5 is made using premium metals, while the S4 is adorned in plastic. Considering the public approval of metal clad phones, it will be advantageous to Samsung to utilize aluminum in its next flagship.

All in all it is safe to say that iPhone 5s' custom designed  soc’s have prevailed under stiff competition, from the first iPhone  till now, apple mostly has had a lead over its competitors at launch.

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