Top 10 iOS Games from the Apple Appstore

Rizwan Anwer

The Apple appstore is home to many great and entertaining games but with such a huge variety of games to choose from with very varying prices one can find themselves in quiet a predicament when choosing a proper game so here are some great games worth every cent you spend on them.

I am running these games on my iPod Touch 4G but these games are available on the Appstore and hence should work on every modern iDevice such as the iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4, iPad / iPad 2 and the iPod Touch 3G / iPod Touch 4G

10. Doodle Jump ($0.99):


A pretty fun game, one of the very few games which takes advantage of the accelerometer in the iProducts, you tilt the screen left and right to guide the little creature your controlling as high as possible while avoiding creaky platforms and other monsters who can one hit kill you. The higher you go the more challenging the game gets this is definitely a fun game if you are a fan of challenging tower climbing games. There are a variety of stages you can play in this game the one I chose to play in was Halloween since it’s one of my favorite holidays.


Pick up power ups along the way such as jet packs, flying beanies and land on springs to help you get past obstacles along the way and achieve a great gain in height.

9. Tiny Wings ($0.99):


You play as a small bird who hasn’t matured properly and because of this your wings haven’t developed properly giving you small wings, but fret not with the help of some really steep and curved hills your dream of being a high flier can come true and along the way but after night time is when the game is definitely most challenging, unlike other games you have to do a massive jump from one island to the other to unlock the next level. The game is tons of fun and well worth the 99c you spend on it.


The controls are similar to angry birds except you have to use your finger to navigate past the hills and you play the game from a landscape perspective just like Angry Birds.

8. Fruit Ninja($0.99):


Another fantastic game, unlike the above 2 this is not a tower climbing game but is rather a game made for showing off your fruit cutting skills, using your fingers as a virtual sword you can cut fruits like a true ninja but it’s not all fun and games. You have to avoid the bombs otherwise its game over but bombs aren’t the only thing that can hinder your progress if you miss 3 fruits that will also cause a game over for you.

The game is great to play when you are bored and are in a taxi or in a subway and want to kill the time.


7. Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99):


Plants vs. Zombies, making its debut on the PC the game has slowly made its way on to other touch screen platforms such as the Nintedo DS and now the iOS market. Plants vs. Zombies has a simple objective, play Gardner God and save the house from being attacked by zombies, people who have an interest in RTS games will definitely love this game.


You have to use limited resources carefully and place the right plant in the right place in order to achieve victory, as you progress throughout the game you will meet new zombies who will make your house defending a real pain. The price is a bit higher compared to the other games but it’s definitely worth it if you are a fan of the game on the PC and want a more portable solution.

6. Cut the Rope($0.99):


Another game you can play in portrait mode, Cut the rope has one simple objective. Cut the wires and collect as many stars as possible and feeding the frog like creature at the end of the level. The game acts like fruit ninja where your finger plays the role of being a virtual cutter and you have to cut just the right rope to get to a star.


At such a low price I would highly recommend this game, I was hooked on this game for a very long time and definitely got my money’s worth out of it.

5. Ninjump Deluxe ($0.99):


We return to exploring tower climbing games, this time with Ninjump, unlike doodle jump you have to use your fingers on a portrait screen to make the ninja jump left and right in order to cut and avoid obstacles. As with any tower climbing game one hit will kill you, if you catch a bubble along the way you can take 2 hits before dying (1 hit kills the bubble 2nd hit kills you). You can also get the height gain in this game by killing the same object 3 times but if you kill another object while doing so than you have to kill that same thing 3 times without fault (e.g if you kill 2 birds and cut a ninja star you will have to collect 3 ninja stars and so on)


This game is definitely more challenging as the difficulty ramps up really faster when compared to doodle jump or tiny wings. So if you are a fan of tower climbing games I would highly recommend this game.

4. Flick Golf ($0.99):


Another great game to play if you enjoy the touch games, just like real golf you have to control the stroke of your finger which in this case is the club and try your hardest to make the golf ball land as close as you can to the hole and if possible guide it into the hole for a hole in one! You launch the ball into the air by pulling back on your finger and hitting the ball and while the ball is in the air you can control the ball too with your fingers to control the landing of the ball and its rolling.



With a great price this is definitely a recommended game for you if you are a fan of golf and touch based games.

3. Paper Toss: World Tour ($0.99):


Just like Flick Golf you have to control the flow of a rolled up piece of paper into a waste bin, a popular office game is ported to your iDevice with many great backgrounds each offering more distant waste bins hence making it more challenging this game is well worth the price, The game helps you out by telling you the wind direction and speed so you can control the flick of your finger accordingly. As you play each level you have to reach a certain goal to unlock the next level.


2. Cover Orange ($0.99):


Don’t let the ugly icon fool you, this isn’t one of those ugly emoticon ad’s which shouts through your speakers though the game doesn’t look it the game is actually pretty challenging, each level is about utilizing your environment and using a few materials at your control such as barrels, boxes and wheels you have to save the Oranges from being killed by the falling seeds by completely covering them another neat physics based game this game offers a lot of replay value so that you can solve levels faster and play additional levels added by updates.


1. Angry Birds: Rio ($0.99):


Angry Birds seasons not enough for you? How about something completely new? Angry Birds: Rio is based on the upcoming animated movie named “Rio” the great thing about the game is that you don’t have to kill green crown / helmet wearing pigs anymore but instead have to free fellow birds being trapped in cages by smashing the cages using the red / yellow / blue and other birds at your disposal.


Need I explain how to play Angry Birds? It operates on the same mechanic as the previous i.e you have a giant sling shot and you use this sling shot to control the flight of the birds. With the Angry Birds name in the title you would have to buy this game for the name alone and the price itself justifies it because the game is indeed very lengthy with some really challenging levels to play with.

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