Tomb Raider 3 Unity Fan Remake To Receive Demo On February 14th

Tomb Raider

The first entries in the Tomb Raider series never received proper remakes, not counting mobile ports, but it seems like things are going to change in the future thanks to the efforts of a dedicated fan who has been working for some time on a Tomb Raider 3 remake powered by the Unity engine.

The project has been in the works for quite some time, but soon players will be able to get a taste of the experience with a playable demo, which is releasing on February 14th, 2018, Lara Croft's birthday. The remake's creator, Heckler, also shared some other news.

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Sorry for keeping you guys in the dark. We are working hard every day. 3 programmers joined my team so things are going ridiculously fast and I seldom have time to publish updates. There will be a reveal of some sorts before New Years and in terms of dates there are 2 big ones to look forward to in 2018.

Lara's Birthday for demo 1 to start. Before then you can expect surprise footage, some interviews with exclusive footage and an open Beta "Style Units" which was originally scheduled for the 25th before we added even more features.

I've also received some emails with suggestions regarding the overall feel of the game and while I respect that lots of people like the LAU formula I'm staying far away from it as possible. And also. There will be auto aim but you have to hold in an extra key for it so it's completely optional.

In early January I will release the final schedule.

The Tomb Raider 3 remake promises to be more than just a simple graphical upgrade, as the game will feature a more modern experience.

This is a full revisioned remake of Tomb Raider 3 and The Lost Artifact. Gameplay is heavily inspired by games like Assassin's Creed, The Jak and Daxter series, Inside, Prince of Persia, Enslaved and The Last of Us. Lara is extremely agile and skilled in both hand to hand and ranged combat this time. Lara can Climb buildings, cliffs and trees. She can zipline while shooting and run along walls with style. More moves include "slope steering", tightrope, 3 different dives, Classic style swimming, stealth, pole-swinging and rolls to name a few. Vehicles include a Quad-bike, A sport-bike, a UPV, a Kayak, a snowboard, jetski and a deadly Mine-cart. Making a debut in the Tomb Raider vehicle department also is a Horse in the South Pacific who needs a name. Enemies and NPC's are smart. The feel fear, they run out of ammo, they can hide, they fight and like Lara, they can also stumble into deadly traps.

Extra features included for unlockables are Expedition Mode which is set on 2 very large maps and Race to the Relic mode which randomly places a relic in the chosen level and you have to race an NPC to it (Like Race to the Iris). This has been a blast to make so far and I hope you guys will enjoy playing it as much as I did making it

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