Tom Clancy’s The Division Gets New Screenshots from Gamescom; The Downgrade is Strong with this One

Ubisoft has provided some new screenshots for Tom Clancy's The Division at Gamescom, and even though they appear quite nice the visual downgrade is quite evident. You can view the new screenshots in the gallery below:


The downgrade that occured in Tom Clancy's The Division is seriously apparent and one of the worst cases seen in the last few years

While Ubisoft has supposedly altered their demonstration practices, reporting that what they will be showing will indeed be running on console hardware, the downgrade that occurred in the case of The Division is definitely one of the worst in the video game industry. Assassin's Creed Syndicate looks of lesser visual quality than Assassin's Creed Unity, something that should hopefully bode well for its performance when it releases later this year. Not to say of course that it doesn't look good, as it does look quite better than most open world games out there.

The Division though, looks quite poor in the visual department. Lowering the quality of several assets to accomodate the lower capabilities of the lesser powerful hardware, could limit the potential for the game to scale up considerably. Lets do hope though, that some versions turn out to look better than what we have been seeing lately.

The Division's Dark Zone is a place of contamination, fear and betrayal. Fredrik Rundqvist, The Division's executive producer, explains what to expect.

“It went up in stages,” Executive Producer Fredrik Rundqvist explains the birth of the Dark Zone. “It started as a basic cordon, but ultimately became a full-blown quarantine zone. Eventually the pressure became too much – too many sick, not enough aid workers, the number of guards dwindled, things broke down, and civil unrest and lawlessness ran rampant. A blackout was the nail in the coffin that forced the military to abandon the area. They dropped everything they had and headed for the gates, most of them barely making it out at all. Left behind were not just the supplies, medicine and weapons, but also tens of thousands of sick, dying and dead.”

“The Dark Zone is one very large walled off area in midtown Manhattan that you seamlessly enter from the open world,” says Rundqvist. “It’s a dangerous and lawless place. The enemies and missions here encourage players to team up in order to up their chances of survival.”

Tom Clancy's The Division has a planned release date of March 8, 2016. We will bring you any new information on Tom Clancy's The Division as soon as it becomes available.

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