This is What Titanfall Xbox One Game Disc Looks Like – Microsoft Exclusive Shooter is Ready to Roll

Titanfall is an upcoming online first-person shooter video game title that is developed by Respawn Entertainment exclusively for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Titanfall is considered to be the most anticipated and biggest game of the year 2014 for Xbox One. Below is the image of the game's disc that Xbox One users will get when the game is officially launched.

Here is How the Titanfall Xbox One Game Disc Looks Like - The Game has Gone Gold

The most awaited Xbox One exclusive shooter video game has gone gold today, Respawn Entertainment (the developer of the game) announced via its Twitter account. Going Gold means that the developer has finished its work on the game and the development is complete. Respawn Entertainment also attached an image showing the retail copy of Titanfall, this means that manufacturing of the game's discs has already started. The copy of the game shown in the image is identical to the one that gamers will be getting when Titanfall hits local shelves on March 11, 2014 for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. (The Xbox 360 version was delayed to March25, 2014)

Since the game is now getting packed for launch, most of you might be desperately waiting to see how the Titanfall Xbox One game disc looks like. Well here it is, your first look at the Titanfall Xbox One game disc courtesy of the xRYAN350xcP, who is a part of Titanfall development team.

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