Titanfall for Xbox 360 Leaks Out Early – Pointless Piracy Gets a New Meaning

Since I might or might not have access to Premium Trackers, I usually know (or do not know) when any game gets pirated and leaks early. However, sometimes a game tends to take me by surprise. This is one such case. Titanfall, ladies and gentlemen, has just been leaked. However, it is more or less utterly useless to you.  That is, unless you want to get banned, blocked, etc. Or you want to download it and be ready for the launch of Titanfall's servers and run the risk of getting banned.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Version Gets Leaked - Servers not even online yet, Download to get banned.

As you may realize by now this leak is utterly useless. I am not really sure why people would risk their jobs, not to mention piss off the legal response team for a seemingly meaningless end. Because not only is Titanfall a completely server side game, the servers themselves aren't even up yet and the only thing you will get by running the game is a ban. Of course, the problem once again is that some people have allegedly received their  genuine Xbox 360 copies ahead of schedule, which would mean if those innocent folks plug in the game, zap.

If it's on Private Trackers it wont be long before it comes to public such as thepiratebay.org. So here's a public service message: People if you find this torrent, do realize that using this particular pirated game will get you banned with a probability of 99%. Realize that there is no way you can play the game and connecting the game will only alert Microsoft that something is awry. Of course, some of you might have received the game early in which case, follow the advice above too. Since, bans such as these are rarely reversed, it would be in your best interest to not run Titanfall on your xbox 360 till the actual launch. Of course if you take the risk and run it, we would lover to hear about it.


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