Titanfall 2 Will Take Advantage Of PS4 Pro Power; Microsoft Acquires Marketing Deal For The Game


According to Respawn Entertainment’s CEO, Vince Zampella, Titanfall 2 will take advantage of Sony’s PS4 Pro. Meanwhile, it seems that the house of Microsoft has acquired the marketing rights for the game.

Zampella took to Twitter to answer a question whether Titanfall 2 will make use of the enhanced capabilities of the PS4 Pro, and his answer was positive.

For now, it’s unknown in what way Titanfall 2 will use the PS4 Pro’s extra horsepower. According to Warner Bros. Interactive’s SVP of production and development, Peter Wyse, developers will be able to pick between two optimized rendering options - A "Resolution mode" that allows developers to lock games into a resolution beyond 1080P, and a “Quality Mode” which dynamically scales the resolution depending on the game’s performance.

For FPS titles such as Titanfall 2, a stable framerate is vital so Respawn might opt to dynamically scale the game’s resolution depending on how it performs.

In other related Titanfall news, although Titanfall 2 is no longer a Microsoft exclusive, it seems that Microsoft did acquire the marketing rights for the game. Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s head of Xbox marketing, said as much on Twitter overnight.

Respawn officially announced Titanfall 2 during EA's EA Play E3 event. “With the original Titanfall, we focused on nailing the gameplay and reinventing the way you move and fight in a first person shooter,” said Zampella,. "With Titanfall 2, we’re building on that foundation by introducing a bespoke single player campaign backed by a deeper multiplayer experience that together will once again push the shooter genre forward.”

Titanfall 2 releases on October 28 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.