Titan Slim is the Upcoming Spiritual Successor to BlackBerry Key 2


It has been a while since BlackBerry bit the dust and now, we are getting something similar to the legendary Key 2. Coming from a company called Unihertz, a phone named Titan Slim is going to be released soon; it is the perfect phone for people with small hands, you are getting a rectangular screen and of course, the QWERTY keyboard is also present. The company is currently working on a Kickstarter program for the phone and you can actually join the project's Facebook group, too.

The Unihertz Titan Slim Aims to Live Up to the Legacy Left By BlackBerry Phones

We are aware of the fact that BlackBerry has gone through some terrible times, a company that was once the smartphone leader failed to adapt to the changes that were brought by iPhones and Android devices of the time. Sure, the company did switch to Android OS but it was too late to actually go ahead and deliver something good. However, the Titan Slim from Unihertz is aiming to bring back the era of smartphones with physical keyboards and although it might not be a BlackBerry device, it very much looks like that with its piano black finish and silver accents.

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The company even posted a trailer on their YouTube that you can check out below.

There is very little to go by on the phone but we are certainly looking forward to seeing what the phone is all about and what it does bring to the table.

Do you think that the Unihertz Titan Slim is something that can manage itself in the market or is it going to be an afterthought just like the BlackBerry phones have become? Let us know your thoughts below.