Apple’s App Store And iTunes Hits Another Outage, ‘Service Unavailable’ For Users

Outages on Apple's App Store and iTunes have struck again, yet second time this month. Apple users in many regions of the world are unable to access their host App Stores and iTunes, getting the so called infamous 'Service Unavailable' message. This somewhat error has not only hit the iOS users but Mac App Stores are not accessible as well. Mac users are thrown up with a 'Internal Server Error - Read' message which definitely does not seem pleasing.

Even though the effect of this outage is limited regions, nonetheless it sure is wide spread. This means that you may be temporarily redundant to buy any applications from the App Store until Apple gets a hold on the issue and fixes it.

iTunes And App Store Are Down And Its Fixed

The world wide mishap in the App Store affects users through many ways like the non-availability of any top chart applications either free or paid and other content that prompts the aforementioned messages. The previous outage that struck the App Store lasted up to 7 hours and 11 hours according to other sources which disappointed many Apple fans but lets do hope that doesn't happen again. This even lead Apple to apologize for the mishap and blamed all of the cause on the internal DNS error.. The previous outage had the same trouble with the App Store along with iCloud and other Cloud services which went negatively for some users.

One thing discovered about the App Store and iTunes going down was that the 'Feature' button or menu went missing some graphics or some apps under category menu. The Top Chart menu displayed the 'No Top Charts Content Available' under Top Grossing and Paid category.

Update: The issue seems to have come to rest on Wednesday afternoon, since it was too much spread over regions. Do try force quitting the iTunes App or App Store might result in applications showing up again if the issue is not fixed automatically.

This has happened twice this month and there seems to be a proper reason to it. We Apple makes sure the problem would not persist after it has been fixed. This is it for now folks, we'll make sure we update you on this as news arrives. For now, happy downloading!


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