Make Holidays/Lockdown Easier: Get a Smart Cleaning Partner on Cyber Monday Deals (Last Day of Discounts)

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roborock s6 maxv cyber monday 2020 deal

Roborock made everyone happy with up to 40% instant discounts on some of its most popular smart vacuum cleaners this Black Friday. Missed out on those offers? Time to avail the Cyber Week deals! The company has surprised everyone by extending the discounts until Cyber Monday, with offers now live on even on its most recently released robovac.

The discounts are available on the company's latest Roborock S6 MaxV, the most popular (and Wccftech-favorite) Roborock S5 Max, and S6 Pure, which attracted the most discounted thanks to being just a little older than the other two products.

Roborock Cyber Week 2020: go all-out with S6 MaxV

While cleaning and doing chores helped us calm down during the initial days of the pandemic, it no longer seems to have the same effect. Time to have a plan that works and keeps your home clean from dirt and allergens to help you through this flu season and the pandemic.

Introduced as a result of these perpetual pandemic-induced lockdowns, Roborock S6 MaxV brings a revolutionary Reactive AI object recognition and avoidance with powerful suction and smart mopping. Bringing the powers of Artificial Intelligence, S6 MaxV makes sure nothing gets left behind.

Save $150: head over to this link to get S6 MaxV for $599.99

While most high-end robot vacuum cleaners can avoid walls and learn to avoid furniture, you are still required to remove the smaller items out of their way. With Roborock S6 MaxV’s LIDAR sensors and stereo cameras, the robovac can detect and avoid obstacles larger than 5cm wide and 3cm tall while being even better at room mapping and navigation. Using its twin camera setup, the S6 MaxV not only sees obstacles in its path, but it accurately estimates their location and size and reroutes its path around them.

Retailing for $749.99, you can now get Roborock S6 MaxV at a 20% discount for $599.99, getting an instant $150 off on this most recent Roborock product.

Roborock S6 MaxV

Wccftech-recommended: Get S5 Max for just $439

If you don't want the most latest product, Roborock S5 Max from the same flagship S series will get you all the goodness of a top-of-the-line robovac but at a much-reduced rate. Originally priced at $599.99, Cyber Monday 2020 brings the price down to just $439 at a 20% discount.

The level of customization with the S5 Max is unbelievable! Not only can you schedule cleaning at different times on different days (duh!), but you can also set different suction levels for different rooms and floors. Place general no-go zones or virtual barriers, perform spot cleaning, or just play around with it like your personal cleaning assistant - S5 Max does it all and does it best.

Roborock S5 Max is a Wccftech editor-choice product since it not only brings high-end specs but does so at a much more affordable price tag.

Save $160.99: head over to this link to get S5 Max for $439

robot vacuum cleaner
S5 max

The biggest discount of all! Get S6 Pure for $359

This is the robovac to buy if you want to get the unbelievable 40% discount! Bringing the price of S6 Pure down to just $359.99, this Cyber Monday offer helps you get a high-end smart vacuum cleaner at almost half the price.

Designed for bigger homes and smaller offices, Roborock S6 Pure helps you automate the cleaning process. With a 180ml tank, 5200mAh battery, and thirteen sensor types, Roborock S6 Pure can cover an area of up to 3300sqft (up to 3 hours of cleaning) on one charge.

Save $240 at a massive 40% discount! Get S6 Pure for just $359.99

roborock s6 pure
roborock s6 pure smart vacuum cleaner

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