Today: Pomodoro Timer Allows You To Time Your Tasks For Better Productivity

Some tasks require a lot of time while others are sensitive enough that require them to be completed within a given time-frame. Mismanagement of time in that contrast might result in lower work efficiency and productivity as a whole. The best solution is to time the diversified tasks so you can finish it before the deadline.

Today: Pomodoro Timer is an app that will do all the time management for you. All you have to do is provide the app with a few details and you're done. Today: Pomodoro Timer is a task manager that keeps track of a task's time and provides essential breaks in between. Deadlines usually make you more productive and henceforth, Today: Pomodoro Timer provides you with time per task so you can make the most of it.

Manage Your Tasks With Time With Pomodoro Technique

The app name comes from a Pomodoro technique developed in 1980s that aims to break down tasks in several intervals so you can get enough time for breaks as to keep you focused on your tasks. The idea of providing breaks is to snap you out of distractions which would have otherwise lead you to overdue tasks for a later time. The basis of Today: Pomodoro Timer is derived from the time management method and can be broken down into three major stages that will improve productivity.

The first stage is planning, that deals in creating a list of tasks that you wish to do, for instance reading, writing, studying or any other. You also have the ability to add multiples of a certain task according to the amount of work that is to be done before the day end.

The second stage deals in focusing. It deals with setting timers for specific tasks which according to you is the best time between one minute and two hours. It totally depends upon you to schedule the time of your tasks. After you set the timer for a particular task, next you have to set time for your breaks between the tasks - this is the interval.

The last stage is reviewing your daily progress which can be linked to your calendar. The events generated in the calendar by accomplishing tasks will encourage you to move to greater goals. However, calendar integration is available via in-app purchase. These are the three major components or stages of the Today: Pomodoro Timer which you can use to enhance your productivity as well as save time for breaks.

Initially, the app has four multicolored sections and users can add a different task to each section. Five additional tasks can be purchased via in-app purchases if you want more task sections. The app also has an Apple Watch app so you can view your time with ease.

Today: Pomodoro Timer is available in the App Store for free today and you can download it from here.

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