TikTok Under Fire for Questionable Guidelines


If you ever happen to stumble upon the list of most popular apps, you will come to realize that TikTok is somewhere on the list. With over 1 billion users around the world, TikTok is popular and there is no way to deny that.

However, being popular does not mean everything is good with the app. As in the past, the app has found itself in hot water on several occasions. While people around the world are still using it, the latest guidelines on the app are questionable at best.

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TikTok Practicing Heavy Scrutiny On Users From Different Backgrounds

The news is coming from some documents that the source has obtained, and as per those documents, the app has instructed its moderators to suppress people from certain backgrounds and with certain appearances, as well.

The same documents also reveal that the moderators were asked to censor any political speech in TikTok's live streams and going as far as punishing those who are harming "national honor", or broadcasting anything related to "state organs such as police". The punishment, of course, will come in the shape of bans.

One of the internal documents suggests that banning content that is not "desirable" should be in effect. What this means is that any content that the moderators find "undesirable" will no longer show up in the For You category on TikTok, potentially blocking a lot of people from viewing a lot of the content that gets published from all over the world. This type of scrutiny is not something an app with over 1 billion users should be undertaking.

As per the document, having such content on the app for too long can contribute to “decrease the short-term new user retention rate."

While blaming TikTok as a whole would be wrong, in the first place since the app does have the right to suppress anything political that could harm the country or any political parties. The same cannot be said about other questionable content that was discovered in the guidelines that were sent to the moderators.

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Are you an active TikTok user? Let us know what you think about these guidelines and whether they will be changing your opinion on the app or not.