TI8 Day 2: NA Still Reigns Supreme


Day two of TI8 group stages just ended. Thankfully, the production issues were minimal today and the day went by without too many 'ka le' moments. Let's take a look at what the standings look like on day 2.

Group A

TI8 Day 1: NA DOTA Best DOTA

Fnatic and Liquid looked a bit shaky today but managed to hold their own. We finally got to see some classic Fnatic DOTA in their series against Mineski. OG and IG showed some signs of life after their lacklustre day one performance and last but not the least; things look grim for Winstrike and VGJ Thunder. Even if they do somehow pull off a miracle on day 3 and 4, the road is long for both squads.

Group B

VGJ Storm dropped their first game today against arch-rivals OpTic but are still in the lead at seven wins. The pride of SEA TNC is second, followed by tournament favourites Virtus Pro. Newbee and Secret are more or less the same places they were yesterday. The biggest recovery so far is by Vici Gaming who managed to win every game today, a significant improvement over yesterday's 0-6 run. paiN Gaming, Team Serenity and OpTic are tied at 3-5 each. Let's take a look at some fun games from day 2.

Mineski vs Fnatic

An epic battle between the two south-east Asian powerhouses.

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Liquid vs IG

Rat Doto best Doto.

Secret Vs PaiN Gaming

W33-voker flexing on Secret.

Day two saw some niche picks such as Arc Warden, but nothing out of the ordinary. The meta is still dominated by the likes of Clinkz, Brood, Wisp and Gyrocopter.