This Is The Amount Of Force Required To Break An Apple Pencil While Charging – Video


The iPad Pro is Apple's biggest iPad yet which comes packed with powerful internals and a gigantic 12.9-inch display. The iPad Pro is definitely a neatly designed media consumption tablet which can also handle any major task that you throw at it. Apple Pencil - an accessory designed for artists and designers is an impressive tool that allows users to accomplice tasks which are not possible with finger touch controls.

One of the beneficial features of the Apple Pencil is its ability to charge from the iPad Pro itself. It charges with an impressive rate of 15 seconds per 30 minutes of use. However, the position it charges is a risky one to get snapped. So we ask - how much force is it required to break an Apple Pencil while it's charging? A YouTuber, Zach Straley conducted a stress test that allows users to judge the amount of stress required to snap the Apple Pencil.

Let's dive in to see the stress test and how much force did the Apple Pencil bear before it finally gave in.

Apple Pencil Has A Hinge Element At The End

The Apple Pencil costs $99 which only works with the iPad Pro. It has a cap at the end to veil the lightning plug located at the very end of the Apple Pencil. Moreover, the iPad Pro can be used to annotate documents with beautifully designed graphs. It also features compatibility with a lot of editing apps present on iOS. To see if Apple's accessory for the iPad Pro breaks while its on charging, check out the video below.

As you can see, the Apple Pencil held strong against solid jerking and bending. Zach applied abundant pushes oriented in all four directions. For what it seems, the lightning plug at the end of the Apple Pencil has a hinge built-in by Apple. This gives the accessory the advantage of bearing the stress applied, without causing any major damage. The hinge element added at the rear of the lightning plug, provides enough suspension to make it through the jerk.

However, the amount of pressure or force being applied is more than enough that an average user would apply, considering it's by accident of of course! At the end of the video, you must have seen that the Apple Pencil is difficult to break as well. Apple has sorted out possible solutions to issues before their product reaches the market, giving us all a reason to admire Apple on the design.

How do you guys rank the Apple Pencil as a must have tool to go with the iPad Pro? Let us know in the comments below.