This is How the iPhone 14 Pro with Pill-Shaped Camera Cutout Could Look Like

Furqan Shahid
This is How the iPhone 14 Pro with Pill-Shaped Camera Cutout Could Look Like

iPhones have been using a notch ever since the iPhone X came out and while the notches have become smaller, from a design perspective and looks, they are still behind the hole-punch cutouts that other companies have been using for their phones. Sure, Apple does have a valid reason to use a notch as all the Face ID tech goes inside the notch but that might be changing soon as the iPhone 14 Pro is rumored to come with a pill-shaped camera cutout with the Face ID components being under the display.

A Pill-Shaped Cutout for the iPhone 14 Pro Would Be a Strange but Needed Design Choice

The rumor started flying a few days ago and while this is not the first time we will be seeing a pill-shaped cutout, it is still interesting to see how Apple brings it forward. Now, a Twitter user has shared a mockup of the "potential" iPhone 14 Pro sporting a pill-shaped cutout.

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You can look at it below.

Now, of course, it is very important to know that this is still a mockup and we are months away from the eventual announcement of the iPhone 14 series but if Apple does decide to go with a pill-shaped cutout, it will be a huge design and hardware step for the company.

Again, I would suggest that you should take this with a grain of salt because rumors take place all the time and this could very well be a rumor in the making, so we should not be betting on it.

Personally, I cannot say I am a fan of this design, a pill-shaped cutout in the middle of the screen will look much stranger than a single hole-punch cutout. But considering how Apple would want to keep the Face ID hardware still inside the iPhone 14 Pro, this design choice does make more sense. Let us know what you think of this design choice.

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