Thieves Dressed As Apple Retail Store Staff Stole $66,000 Worth Of iPhones


This is perhaps the weirdest thing we've come across in a long while. Thieves dressed as Apple Retail Store staff managed to get away with $66,000 worth of iPhone handsets in two separate incidents in New York.

These Ill-Intentioned Folks Really Know How To Pull Off A Heist Without People Noticing

As daunting it may sound, someone getting away with a crime, but impressive at the same time how it was pulled off, three thieves managed to snag 67 iPhone handsets from the Upper West Side Apple Store, earlier this year, dressed as Apple Retail Store employees according to the NYPD. But the same ill-intentioned event took place last week as well, where 19 iPhones were stolen from the company's SoHo Apple Store by a man dressed as an Apple Store employee.

A report from Gizmodo goes into detail that the people behind this incident knew their way around an Apple Retail Store quite well. The robbers went straight to the drawer where brand new, unlocked iPhones are kept, with another report from the New York Post suggesting that the Upper West Side Apple Store saw this incident happen twice, since that is Apple's location where they mainly train Apple Store staff, hence a new face wearing a blue t-shirt with an Apple logo stamped on it wouldn't really stand out from the crowd, making things a lot easier to pull off. And anyone can get away with it provided they've done their homework quite well, which is exactly what has happened here.

The uniforms are somewhat to be blamed since Apple migrated to a permanent uniform style a while back, since it gives the Apple Retail Store a high-end vibe. Furthermore, sourcing a lookalike t-shirt is not a difficult task either if this incident is to be believed, and it's also highly likely Apple will put in strict measures in place to make sure such an incident doesn't happen again.

Police have only connected the two UWS robberies as related and it’s not clear from the reports if these thieves were wearing the official shirts or close approximations. But either way, Apple might want to revisit that strategy.

We have somewhat of a gut feeling that Apple won't be changing its uniform any time soon since it was just recently introduced. But we're certain that security measures such as biometric authentication for accessing brand new products before being handed out to consumers sounds like a more logical way to go.

We'll leave the security bit for Apple to handle.