These Custom All-Copper DDR5 Memory Heatsinks Will Make Sure That You Are LN2 Overclocking-Ready


DDR5 memory has shown us that overclockers can really push them hard with the right PC equipment. If you really plan on pushing your PC hard with some extreme overclocking, then overclocker, Bartek Wojciech aka Bartx, has designed specialized memory module heatsinks.

All-Copper DDR5 Memory Heatsinks Are Designed For Extreme LN2 Overclockers

Listed over at Barxstore, the all-copper custom memory heatsinks are compatible with both DDR4 and DDR5 modules. The all-copper design will provide some serious cooling to your memory kit & that's gonna be a major uplift for your overclocking requirements.

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The installation method states that the copper heatsinks only work with single-sided DDR5 DIMMs. There's a thermal paste for the DDR5 ICs, a 0.5 mm thermopad for the PMIC, & a 1.5mm thick thermopad on the back. The memory heatsink comes with stainless bolts and nuts which means that there won't be any damaged threads. As for mounting blocks, it works with the most common memory blocks and pots (Dominator mounting holes). The kit weighs in at 0.5 kg.

  • Compatible with DDR4 and DDR5 modules
  • For single-sided DDR5 – thermal paste on IC and 1,5mm thick thermopad on the back, 0,5mm thermopad for the PMIC (there is a special cut for it)
  • For single-sided DDR4 – thermal paste on IC and 1-1,5mm thick thermopad on the back
  • For double-sided DDR4 – thermal paste on IC from both sides
  • Stainless bolts and nuts – no more damaged threads, which makes heatsinks not able to use anymore
  • Works with common RAM blocks and pot (Dominator mounting holes)
  • 1 set = heatsinks for 2 modules

A single set includes two DDR5 copper heatsinks which are good for two modules. The cost is 80.00 for a single kit which is quite high for the average consumer but overclockers and high-end enthusiasts would be going after these like crazy. With that said, while this DDR5 copper heatsink is great for overclocking on LN2, most memory modules come with heatsinks that are good enough for long-term use and even offer good headroom for overclocking. So if you're already running a high-end DDR5 kit with a heatsink on, you won't need this unless you plan to go the extreme OC route.