There’s An iPhone Hidden In This Photo – Can You Find It?

Uzair Ghani

Believe it or not, there's an iPhone hidden in the photo below. Can you find it? If yes then drop your answers in the comments section.

This Photo Left Us With Our Heads Scratching - Can You Find The Hidden iPhone In It?

There are tons of photos and images floating on the Web that house a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Today's image is no different from anything we have seen. Because it's a seemingly plain photo of a carpet on which an iPhone is lying right on our faces but we fail to see it. But keep one thing in mind though, once you see the iPhone, there's no way you can un-see it.

Up for the challenge in finding it? Well, good luck. Be sure to grab your favorite beverage to increase your concentration level as well.

If you found the iPhone, then good for you. If you did not, then let us make things a little simple for our readers by highlighting an area in the image where the iPhone is resting. We're certain we did make things easier for you. That too by a huge margin.

Here's a massive hint as well - the iPhone is laying face down on the carpet. We're pretty sure we have absolutely given away everything at this point.

Still can't find it? Well, let us highlight the iPhone itself then.

Do you see how an iPhone case made a mockery of our efforts in finding it?

Interestingly, once you do find the iPhone, you'll notice that the case doesn't actually blend in well with the carpet itself either. It's just clever placement that plays a wonderful trick on our mind. An illusion of invisibility, until or unless you have a keen eye for such things.

A massive shoutout to to Jena May Cruz for snapping this photo and sharing it with the world on Facebook. Since it was originally posted on July 2nd, it has had more than 150,000+ shares on Facebook alone. 'Viral' would be the apt description of the photo if you're asking us.

Wrap Up

A keen-eyed person would spot the iPhone laying face down instantly. The camera lens somewhat gives it away too if you're paying maximum attention. But if your brain is scrambling and panicking to find the iPhone, then things can get a little confusing very fast. But nonetheless, it's a perfect visual illusion, and something which we urge to try out on your friends and family members.

Also let us know in the comments section how long it took you to find the iPhone.


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