The Witcher 3 Redux Version 2.8 Redesigns Alchemy Skills and More

The Witcher 3

A new version of The Witcher 3 Redux mod has been released online, bringing plenty of new changes.

Version 2.8 brings changes to some quest levels to better reflect changes coming with the mod. It also redesigns two alchemy skills, changes the Battle Frenzy skill, and more.

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  • Changes to some quest levels to better reflect changes form this mod. See “Quest Level Changes” heading for details.
  • Redesigned alchemy skill “Poisoned Blades”. Now lowers enemy resistances to bleeding, burning and poison with each hit. See skill section for more details.
  • Redesigned alchemy skill “Tissue Transmutation”. Mutagens now provide extra secondary bonuses based on color. See skill section for more details.
  • Battle Frenzy general skill critical hit chance buffed from 8% to 12% per Adrenaline Point.
  • Modified description of alchemy skill “Synergy” to mention that it doesn’t affect secondary bonuses from “Tissue Transmutation”.
  • Update Defense core skill (tier 0) description to mention that Geralt can parry arrows.

The remaining changes introduced by The Witcher 3 Redux 2.8 include a tweak for supercharged glyphs, increased shock-based damage boost while raining and enhanced visual effects for Quen during storms.

  • Supercharged Glyphs Tweak – Geralt’s Yrden Sign Intensity will be used for some sign effect calculations if it is higher than the Sign Intensity of the sign being supercharged.
  • If it is raining or storming, shock-based sign damage boosts (so Magic Trap and Quen Discharge) are increased.
  • During storms, the quen shield is stronger and can take more damage. Affects both the basic and alternate version.
  • Enhanced the visual effect of the quen sign during storms.
  • Fixed rare bug where Flood of Anger could make Geralt move at 2x speed.

The Witcher 3 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch worldwide. The latest version of the Redux mod can be found on Nexus Mods.

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