The Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch Has Been Developed In 12 Months; Improvements Over E3 Build Detailed


The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch was considered unlikely by many, but CD Projekt RED and Saber Interactive made it happen. And it seems like the port has been in the works for some time.

Speaking with Eurogamer, CDPR's Piotr Chrzanowski confirmed that The Witcher 3 has been in development for Nintendo Switch for around 12 months.

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Over a year now. Well it depends on whether you want to add the business stuff, but then I would say it's around 12 months at this point.

The game has been shown for the first time at the E3 2019, and Piotr Chrzanowski confirmed that there have been some improvements over that build, such as Ambient Occlusion.

Of course, along that path, we've worked on specific optimisations. We've definitely worked a lot on memory optimisation. We have much less memory available on the Switch [compared to the other consoles]. So making sure that the game works stable and within those boundaries, that took a while. Some things we've added a bit later, like the AO [ambient occlusion] which wasn't there I would say in the earlier builds.

Piotr Chrzanowski also provided some details on how they managed to fit The Witcher 3 into a 32Gb cartridge size and on optimization.

We did a lot to make sure that this doesn't take too much space, but mostly [that's for] memory consumption. Cutscenes, textures - mainly those things.

We had a set of optimisations planned basically for GPU, CPU and memory consumption, to make sure it would fit in the 3.5GB [available RAM]. So all three areas we'd been optimising simultaneously, and there were areas where we had to push to some level, and then switch to another one - pushing that little bit more. And then we can switch back to the one that was blocking us. So the work was going basically on those three areas simultaneously. I think we started with GPU first, and then we moved to the CPU side, and then the memory, and then a few iterations on those.

The Witcher 3 launches in October on Nintendo Switch.