The Upcoming Pixel Tablet Could be Running a 64-bit Only Version of Android 13

The Upcoming Pixel Tablet Could be Running a 64-bit Only Version of Android 13

It has been around 5 years since Apple shifted to 64-bit only support with iOS 11. However, Android is still supporting the legacy 32-bit applications. However, we now have news that Google is in the process of switching to 64-bit only support, and last year's Android 12 was the first version to support these builds. While the switch did not take place with the recently released Android 13, Google is apparently working on a 64-bit-only version of the OS for the upcoming Pixel Tablet.

According to Mishaal Rahman, Google is currently testing a 64-bit only build of android 13 for a device codenamed Tangor. For those who do not know, the codename is for the upcoming Pixel Tablet that was unveiled at the Google I/O 2022 earlier this year. If this does happen, then the Pixel Tablet will be among the first Android device to ditch 32-bit support.

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Now, in case you are wondering about the benefits that you are going to get. Dropping 32-bit support from the Pixel Tablet will reduce the RAM usage, but at the same time, the tablet will not be able to run 32-bit applications. However, it should not be an issue for anyone as Google mandated in 2019 that all apps have to support 64-bit.

Given that ARM is also planning on dropping the 32-app support from future mobile CPUs, it is about time that Android has made a switch to 64-bit OS, and the Pixel Tablet could be just the device to make that happen.

You have to understand that Google has not issued a statement at the moment, which is likely an indication that this could be changed entirely. But we will keep you posted as the situation progresses.

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