The Surge Gameplay Trailer Encounters Workplace Violence


Someone clearly didn't read the workplace safety manual. Check out the new gameplay trailer for The Surge brought to you from the development team behind Lords of the Fallen.

Deck13's sci-fi action RPG puts you in a powerful exo-suit against an experiment gone wrong. Apparently, a super-secret nano-technology got out and is now turning your former coworkers into mindless, violent drones.

It doesn't help that your former colleagues have their own exo-suits, effectively turning them into killing machines. Throughout your adventure, you'll need to upgrade your suit along with mastering the different types of weapons you'll have access to along the way.

The combat will feature a dynamic limb-cutting system similar to what you saw in the Dead Space games. The idea is to cut or shoot off the limbs of your enemies to put you in a better position to kill them, but you can also target a specific equipment piece to get it as loot. Considering the different enemy types, the ideal limb you need to yank off the bad guy will change to suit the scenario.

The trailer below shows us the type of threats players will be facing that range some shambling exo-suit zombie-thing to full-on shapeshifting technoblob with deadly laser blasts. We also get a look at some of the gruesome finishers you'll perform. I particularly liked seeing the giant maul in action right before the boss fight with the evil nano-machine possessed excavator.

A few months ago, we learned how The Surge will run on both Xbox One and Playstation 4. By the looks of it, it seems like this game channeling Deck13's previous game Lords of the Fallen in terms of having unforgiving combat.

The Surge slices and dices onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at some point in 2017. Stay tuned on Wccftech to get all the latest updates in the meantime.