The Rosewill Glacier Series is currently on sale via Newegg!


The Rosewill Glacier Series is part of Newegg's Black Friday sale, with the more high-end power supply being more heavily discounted! With 5 different models available there should be a power supply for anyone and everyone looking to build a PC for Christmas.

All Five Rosewill Glacier series power supplies are currently on sale on

With Newegg's current Black Friday sale, the Rosewill Glacier Series of power supplies are getting a hefty discount with the line up being the 500W getting only 14% off, 600W getting an amazing 39% off, 700W getting 40% off, 850W getting 42% off, and amazingly the 1000W getting not only 50% off but you'll also receive a $5 Newegg promotional gift card.

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With these types of deals, all of these power supplies are an amazing price the 500W is the most common power supply to get seeing as most people aren't using super high-end parts or multiple of the more power-draining parts. This is a good power supply for people looking into building their first computer and want to try deal hunting. The 500W power supply is 14% off which makes this normally $79.99 power supply just $68.99.

The 600W power supply is where the deals really start to pick up the pace increasing the percentage off substantially, going from 14% off to a staggering 39% off. This actually makes the 600W variant more affordable being $54.99 rather than its original price of $89.99, the price tag is noticeably cheaper than the 500W being just under $10 cheaper.

The 700W power supply is even more discounted than the 600W variant is 40% off, which makes this normally $99.99 power supply just $59.99, I would recommend this power supply over the two variants previously listed, because its the best performance per dollar, being cheaper than the500W and only $5 more than the 600W. This power supply also offers a lot of space for upgradeability later down the line, if you need to.

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The 850W power supply is 42% off the original price of $119.99, which makes this the first power supply to cost more than the 500W variant being $69.99 just $1 more than the 500W variant.

Finally, the 1000W power supply costs the same as the 850W power supply, if you were planning to get the 850W, you might want to upgrade to the 1000W variant as this is most definitely the enthusiast-grade power supply.

All of these power supplies are semi-modular, meaning that the 20+4 Pin connector, 4 + 4 Pin connector is non-removable but the PCIe cables and the SATA cables are totally removable.