Play Store Hit 19 Billion Downloads in Q4 2017, 145% More Than That of the Apple App Store


It's only natural that people are downloading more and more apps, considering that almost everyone has a smartphone now. According to a detailed analysis conducted by App Annie, the Google Play Store saw over 19 billion downloads in Q4 2017, with year-on-year growth at 10%. That's around 145% more than the Apple App Store, which got around 7.7 billion downloads.

That 19 billion figure is only made more impressive when you realize that it only includes new downloads. Newer and emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, and Brazil, made up a big portion of the 10% year-over-year growth. India surpassed the US for combined Play Store and App Store downloads in 2017. India's record download figures in Q4 can be attributed primarily to widespread wireless penetration across the nation and manufacturers aggressively pushing low-cost handsets to new consumers.

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The three most popular categories on the Play Store for the year-on-year category were Games, Finance, and Personalization, and they all grew in Q4. Finance is expected to continue to grow in Q1 2018 due to the impending tax season and new smartphone owners discovering and experimenting with new finance-centric apps.

Both the Play Store and App Store saw 20% year-over-year growth worldwide for Q4 2017 in terms of consumer spending. Given the much larger download count for the Play Store, one would expect it to generate more revenue. However, the App Store still saw 95% more in worldwide gross consumer spending in Q4. The App Store accounted for $11.5 billion, while the Play Store got around $5.9 billion.

On both platforms, the US had the strongest year-on-year growth in this arena, and Germany was the #3 country in both stores. South Korea came in second for the Play Store, and Taiwan for the App Store.

The worldwide consumer spends on Entertainment-category apps across the Play Store, and App Store alike grew more than four times from 2015 to 2017, largely thanks to video streaming apps' in-app subscriptions which enhance the viewing experience by removing ads, allowing playback of live TV or enabling offline viewing.

Another area that rakes in the moolah is mobile games. Gaming revenue generated in overseas markets by publishers headquartered in China (inclusive of subsidiaries located in China and overseas subsidiaries such as Tencent’s Supercell) grew over 100%, and we don't see that figure coming down very soon.

You can read the complete report for a more in-depth understanding, here.

News Source: App Annie