The Official Wccftech Q1 2019 Hardware Polls!

Feb 9

Its time for our Wccf community survey! The hardware polls are community polls that will run on occasion and indicate how the community leaning towards major IHVs and their opinions on the PC hardware industry. The first part of our official polls, will start of course with the PC hardware side of things.

The polls will remain open till 28 February 2019, after which we will publish the results (naturally, you can get an idea of how things are going to turn out by viewing the real-time results). So without any further ado, let’s begin. The peoples choice award for add-in-board partners will be decided here as well.

*In places where you might own multiple devices – please choose your daily driver.

GPU Opinion Polls

You currently own a GPU from which IHV?
Is your graphics card DX12 (FL 12_0 and above) capable?
Are you using a multi GPU configuration?
Do you have an NVIDIA RTX card?
Are you planning on updating your graphics card?
Historically, how have you bought graphics cards?
What is thee most you would pay for a top notch graphics card?
What do you think of NVIDIA's RTX and DLSS tech?

CPU Opinion Polls

You currently own a CPU from which (major) x86 vendor?
Which processor family do you currently own?
Are you planning on upgrading this year?
Which core count for AMD Ryzen/TR processors are you most interested in?
Which core count for Intel processors are you most interested in?
What is the most you would pay for a good CPU?
How much are you willing to spend on a great motherboard?

Vendor Opinion Polls

Which AIB vendor do you trust the most?
Have you ever bought reference cards?
Going forward do you...
If you had to choose one reason why you prefer custom variants:

VR Opinion Polls

Do you have a VR capable system?
Do you currently own a PC VR HMD?
Are you planning on getting a PC VR HMD this year?
How much would you be willing to pay for an excellent VR HMD System?


How much RAM does your system have?
What is the minimum acceptable resolution and FPS standard of gaming for you? In other words what do you play at right now?
Do you own a:

Thanks for participating in the Wccftech community survey!