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The Last of Us Part II Amazon Listing Shows Same Release Date as Ghost of Tsushima


Earlier this month, Sony and Naughty Dog delayed The Last of Us Part II indefinitely due to “logistic” challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Basically, TLOU2 is pretty much ready to go, but Sony didn’t feel they could pull off a physical launch in May given the current state of the world. So, when will TLOU2 finally come out? Life probably won’t be fully back to normal for quite some time, so could the game’s indefinite delay end up be a long one?

Well, we may have a ray of hope – earlier today the Amazon listing for The Last of Us Part II updated with new release date of June 26. The listing has since been updated to a standard December 31, 2020 placeholder, but, of course, the Internet never forgets.

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Now, take this information with several grains of salt, as the date might have just been an error or placeholder. That said, Amazon placeholder dates are almost always the first or last of the month, and June 26 would be a Friday, which is when Sony releases their games. Oh, and there’s also something else pretty significant about June 26 – it’s currently the official release date for Ghost of Tsushima.

It seems extremely unlikely Sony would release both Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II on the same day, but could they be planning to give GoT’s release date to TLOU2 and bump Sucker Punch’s game further on down the line? Given the current weirdness, I think most people would be understanding about a bit of schedule shuffling, and again, Naughty Dog has said TLOU2 is very nearly done…

The good news is, we're nearly done with development of The Last of Us Part II. We are in the midst of fixing our final bugs. However, even with us finishing the game, we are faced with the reality that due to logistics beyond our control, we couldn't launch The Last of Us Part II to our satisfaction. We want to make sure everyone gets to play The Last of Us Part II around the same time, ensuring that we're doing everything possible to preserve the best experience for everyone. This meant delaying the game until such a time where we can solve these logistic issues.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Could a The Last of Us Part II/Ghost of Tsushima release date switcheroo be forthcoming?