The Division PS4 Pro Patch Renders UI@4K, Improves Shadows & Reflections

Alessio Palumbo
The Division

Ubisoft Massive just released the announced The Division PS4 Pro patch. The Swedish developer did not provide any details on The Division PS4 Pro patch prior to the release, but the update notes available automatically on Sony's console give us a basic lowdown of what's improved.

The open world third-person shooter/RPG hybrid will still be rendered at a native resolution of 1080P, while the game's user interface will be rendered at 4K (or 2160P).

This might be disappointing for those who expected a higher native resolution with the PlayStation 4 Pro, but the notes also mention improved graphics settings that should result in better looking shadows and reflections, so there's that. The Division PS4 Pro patch will take roughly 2.3GB of your console's hard drive space.

Unfortunately, there's no mention of HDR support yet, though that doesn't mean it couldn't be added further down the road. A really powerful PC is still the best way to enjoy The Division, then, with native 4K resolution and NVIDIA-powered effects like HBAO+, PCSS and HFTS. The game (powered by the Snowdrop engine) can look absolutely gorgeous with everything tuned to the max, which is why it easily made our Reader's Awards list for Best Graphics in 2016. Ubisoft Massive also recently added DirectX 12 support on PC, by the way.

Where do you think Tom Clancy's The Division ranks when it comes to graphics right now? Tell us in the comments below.

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