Official DX12 Support Coming to The Division PC Next Week

Alessio Palumbo
The Division Update 1.7

DX12 support for Tom Clancy's The Division PC version was first spotted while Update 1.5 was still being tested. However, Ubisoft Massive eventually decided to hold on and postpone the release of DX12 support while it received the final polish passes.

During the latest weekly State of the Game report, the developer confirmed that DirectX 12 will be added as part of a larger PC patch due next week. This should provide better optimization at higher resolutions, though there is currently a bug preventing players from changing brightness when DX12 is activated; it will be solved at a later date. The upcoming patch is also supposed to fix the performance impact caused by high CPU usage.

In the State of the Game live stream, Ubisoft Massive said they're looking into FPS drops/stuttering on console, too. Finally, they shared two statements on highly discussed topics within The Division's community.

AlphaBridge and Uncomplicated

There has been some confusion around the Uncomplicated talent on the Famas and how it works with AlphaBridge. Currently if you are using a Famas with Uncomplicated together with an AlphaBridge set, the Uncomplicated talent will be impacted by the Stability and Accuracy mods equipped on both Primary and Secondary weapons, regardless of the one you are actually using. This is a bug that will be resolved in an upcoming update. Uncomplicated in combination with AlphaBridge should only take into account the mods equipped on the weapon you are currently using, and not those of the weapon that is not being used.

Barret’s Bulletproof Chest bonuses

We’ve seen some discussions around the bonuses from Barret’s Bulletproof Chest not working. This was resolved in the maintenance last week, however the bonuses will not be displayed in the UI as it requires a client patch.

Our Keith May tested The Division's preliminary DX12 support when Update 1.5 was still on the Public Test Server. You can check his findings in the video below, though they may differ from the final version that will go live next week.

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