The Division Lets You Choose Weather/Time For Missions; Visibility Impacts Players & NPCs


As we get closer to the release date, The Division is slowly unveiled to gamers. Once the most anticipated game in development for next generation platforms, it has suffered over time for its delays and widespread fears of a graphical downgrade.

We'll be able to check the truth for ourselves soon enough, since a beta is expected to hit between January and February (the game will be out on March 8 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). In the meantime, Forbes had an interesting interview with Ubisoft Massive's Lead Environmental Artist Sebastian Lindoff and Technical Art Director Chad Chatterton.

What I found to be particularly interesting is that we'll be able to choose both time and weather for each mission, whereas I believed that the game would decide this dynamically.

Totally. You can choose when to play any of the missions, night or day, with clear weather or during a snow blizzard. We only restrict some of the heaviest fog settings in some missions because it could adversely affect too much the combat balancing, but all the other weather settings can have an impact on how you approach an encounter, varying the levels of visibility for you and your enemies.

That said, once a mission starts the weather will change dynamically.

Yes indeed! The weather can definitely change unpredictably as it is based on math algorithm and as such it is completely dynamic.

This won't just be relevant to the aesthetic of The Division, either. Both players and enemies will be impacted by visibility, adding an extra tactical layer to the game.

Heavy fog and snow conditions definitely impact visibility not only for the players but also for the enemies, whose detection abilities adjust accordingly.

If you just can't wait, the recent Xbox One alpha test revealed screenshots, impressions of the game and most recently even videos.