The Division 2 Episode 2 Throws Players into a Fight for the Pentagon Next Week


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Episode 2, “Pentagon: The Last Castle,” arrives next week. As the name implies, the episode’s two new missions will see you battling through the Pentagon in order to reach the secret DARPA labs located beneath. We’re also getting the new “Technician” Specialization, which allows players to buff teammates' skills and unleash a powerful multi-missile launcher. You can check out a quick trailer for The Division Episode 2, below.

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Here’s a rundown of the new Season 2 content:

Two New Main Missions

At the beginning of Episode 2, players will investigate a transmission from a fellow Agent scouting the Pentagon for the perfusion bioreactor. Securing the bioreactor would allow Agents to replicate the antiviral samples recovered at Tidal Basin. Agents must navigate flood damage and Black Tusk forces to take back The Last Castle. After securing their safe house, players will be able to access the two replayable main missions of Episode 2.

  • First Main Mission - Pentagon: Agents will discover the location of the perfusion bioreactor inside the Pentagon’s underground research facility. The Black Tusk have already infiltrated the lab and are attempting to extract the reactor.
  • Second Main Mission - DARPA Research Labs: Players must make their way through the Pentagon and into the DARPA Labs, as the Black Tusk are in the process of transporting the perfusion bioreactor through an abandoned Cold War tunnel network

New “Technician” Specialisation


  • Rocket Launcher
  • The new Specialization is a high-tech Support Specialization that also focuses on Skills.
  • The new Skill Variant is a Hive that buff other Skills.
  • Signature Weapon is a multi-missile rocket launcher.
  • You can tag one or multiple enemies and then fire up to six rockets at them. You can hit multiple enemies with one rocket or one enemy with six rockets.
  • The rocket launcher is not a boss killer but it can clean out rooms where multiple enemies are standing far apart.
  • The Specialization is inspired by shamans in other titles and is more of a support class than a damage class.
  • Sidearm: Maxim 9

Skill Variant - Artificer Hive:

  • The idea is that it enhances other Skills
  • It sends out drones and they hit friendly Skills. (stationary or in transit)
  • Enhanced skills get more damage, longer duration and are also repaired.
  • When the Artificer Hive is just carried on your back it also buffs your Skills – so when you have a Seeker Mine active, it will also buff that without the need to deploy it.
  • The buff of multiple Artificer Hives does not stack with others, but it refreshes.
  • The Artificer Hive can also buff other Hives but as mentioned the Artificer Hive buffs don’t stack.

A new PvP mode and map are also on the way:

New Conflict PvP Mode

The new Team Elimination PvP mode pits two teams of four into a best-of-seven round battle. Rounds will end once an entire team has been eliminated or time has expired. Team Elimination provides a teamwork focused tactical experience for players. Team Elimination takes effect on October 15th.

New map: The “Wharf”

The new map ‘Wharf’ is on par with previous PvP maps in terms of size and takes players to an abandoned fishing harbour. It offers tactical gameplay opportunities, through flanking routes and raised positions.

The above content is available for free, of unlockable through gameplay, while the following missions are only available to those who have bought the $40 The Division 2 Year 1 Pass.

Classified Assignments

Agents can take on two new Classified Assignments at a Boathouse and Embassy.

  • Marina: Outcasts have been moving weapons and supplies into a boathouse on the Potomac River, which was used as a transport depot during the outbreak to move assets to the Potomac Center and Roosevelt Island. Agents must investigate and seize all the weapons they can find.
  • Embassy: A Joint Task Force helicopter filled with supplies was shot down by the Outcasts and crashed through the roof of the Mexican Embassy in America’s capital. Agents will be tasked to locate the helicopter rescue the pilot and secure the supplies before the Outcasts get there.

Of course, the new Episode 2 content will launch alongside a big title update. Here are some of the improvements you can expect from The Division 2 update 6:

  • Targeted Loot
  • Named Items overhauled
  • Crafting Changes
  • Recalibration Changes
  • Filled Brands
  • Inventory Management 2.0
  • Increased stash space
  • Rebalance of talents and weapons
  • Dark Zone Server Transfers
  • Updated Thieves’ Den Vendor
  • Dark Zone Supply Drops Changes
  • Occupied Dark Zone Ambushes
  • Normalization in Dark Zone changes
  • Conflict: Loadout Selection during map voting
  • Bonus armor visualization increased
  • Conflict: End of Match Rewards changes
  • Stored tutorials

The Division 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. All the Episode 2 content will be available for Year 1 Pass holders and Uplay+ subscribers on October 15. Everyone else will have to wait another week until October 22.