The Best Leather Cases Available Right Now for iPhone 13 Pro [List]


Protect your iPhone 13 Pro with one of these many great leather cases available right now. There are great varieties here so choose wisely.

Protect and Cherish Your iPhone 13 Pro with these Great Leather Cases

Although we are nearing the release of the iPhone 14 lineup of devices, but many people out there are bringing the iPhone 13 Pro into their lives. If you're one of them and want to compliment your purchase with a leather case then we plenty of great options at hand, including from simple cases to those that can hold your cards on the back. There's something here for everyone and we're sure you'll get to what you're looking for.

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Apple Leather Case

Meet Apple's very own take on the leather case. This case fits perfectly like a glove, is made from premium materials, offers excellent compatibility with MagSafe and features cutouts like you've never seen anywhere else. It even comes in a wide variety of colors to perfectly compliment the color of your iPhone 13 Pro.

Buy Apple Leather Case - $59

Casus Leather Case

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While this leather case gives you the benefit of a leather case (obviously) but the main purpose of this case is fairly simple - show off that Apple logo behind your smartphone. It does not sacrifice in protection in any way, and includes raised edges to protect the display and the camera system on the back.

Buy Casus Leather Case - $19.95

Nomad Modern Leather Case

If you're looking for the most leather-looking leather case out there then have a look at the Nomad Modern Leather case for the iPhone 13 Pro. It is made from premium materials, offers excellent drop protection and goes slightly further with the addition of MagSafe support. You want this case around your phone if it ever takes a tumble out of your pocket, thanks to its durable inner lining.

Buy Nomad Modern Leather Case - $59


Take the excellent Nomad case and give it some steroids and you get the wonderful Otterbox Strada Folio Series case for the iPhone 13 Pro. If you love leather everywhere on your phone, then this is one of the best options out there. The leather folio includes a card holder in which you can store your credit card or cash.


Snakehive Vintage Wallet

This is one of those cases that are designed to make a statement, but that does not mean it drifts away from proper functionality. Once the folio end of the case opens up, you can prop up the phone in landscape position in order to view something. This is extremely handy if you want to consume a movie or join in on a video call.

Buy Snakehive Vintage Wallet - $39

Lameeku Wallet Case

Care to add some bling to your iPhone 13 Pro? Then this case from Lameeku is what you need. This case has a card holder at the back which opens up like a butterfly wing as well as a ring on the back to grip your iPhone 13 Pro at all times. It even comes in multiple colors.

Buy Lameeku Wallet Case - $25.99

Bellroy Leather Case

This case is made from high quality leather and a stroke of genius. It has a compartment on the side in which you can store your cards but the flap for the compartment doubles down as a kickstand.

Buy Bellroy Leather Case - $79