The ADATA SSD is $70 off and You should buy it!

Evan Federowicz
SX 8200

The ADATA NVMe SSD, SX8200, is a blazing fast SSD which normally retail $219.99, but currently is on sale to the low price of $147.99. Now while this normally isn't that cheap for a 1TB SSD it's a pro model of the ADATA SSD, which means faster read and write speeds, the Non-PRO version has still a very fast 1800mb/s read and write but the PRO version has a read and write speeds of 3500mb/s.

The ADATA M.2 SSD Pro has an amazingly fast 3500mb/s read and writes speed, for only a small price tag of $147.99.

While most PCs don't have an NVMe drive in them, most likely the cost to performance ratio being that NVMe SSD costs more than Normal SSDs and while they do offer faster read and write speeds the performance gain might not be enough to justify the usually heavier price tag associated with the drive.

The form factor of M.2 means that this little drive won't take up next to any space inside your case, making this drive a perfect addition for a small form factor build. The Form factor of M.2 means that this SSD connects to the Motherboard on a specifically designed port and most has a thermal pad to help disperse the heat generated by the SSD.

With the lower price tag of $147.99, This would be a great addition to any gaming PC, with the read speeds of 3500mb/s would significantly lower load times in games, and the capacity of 1 Terabyte means that this can hold a substantial amount of games.

While ADATA isn't as well known as other memory manufacturers like Western Digital or Samsung, It's reviewed on Amazon as a 4.5-star product, meaning that this product must've delivered on its promise of 3500mb/s read and write speeds.

This M.2 SSD is within your budget, or you were looking for an upgrade for your current system (and your motherboard supports M.2 SSDs) then pick this up right now so you can cash in on the $70 off deal. The read and write speed alone makes this SSD worth the discounted price tag associated with it.

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