Tesla Allowed To Fully Resume Operations At Fremont Gigafactory

Tesla Fremont Model Y Frame
The frame of Tesla's Model Y vehicle in the company's Fremont Gigafactory; Tesla Inc

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Following Tesla's decision to violate Alameda County's stay-at-home orders and ramp up operations at its Fremont, California based Gigafactory, county officials confirmed to multiple news outlets that they were negotiating with Tesla's management for added safety precautions for the company to adhere to if it were to bring output levels back to normal. That was the state of affairs for a large part of yesterday morning, as speculation of Tesla looking to shift operations away from California also became rife following company C.E.O. Elon Musk's comments on the matter made on social media.

Talks between Tesla and county officials have now come to a fruitful conclusion, as Alameda County management has officially permitted the automaker to scale up operations at the Fremont plant. Following lockdown restriction, Tesla was allowed to only conduct basic activities at the factory. Now, statements made by county officials on Alameda's official Twitter handle have confirmed that the company can scale these up given that it adheres to certain guidelines.

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Tesla Allowed To Ramp Up Operations At Fremont Gigafactory By Alameda County Officials

As a part of the ongoing tussle between company management and county officials for fully reopening the Fremont plant, Tesla outlined its plan for resuming operations in the plant through a blog post on its website and via a 40-page document describing the plan in detail.

Alameda officials have confirmed that not only did they receive a copy of Tesla's reopening plans yesterday, but that they also held discussions with company management regarding its objectives, as reported by local media throughout the day. Following these discussions, Alameda has given Tesla permission to reopen its facilities provided the company includes certain additional safety recommendations in its plan.

Outside the Fremont plant.

As detailed in Alameda's emergency COVID-19 health emergency press release (publicly available on the county's Twitter handle), if Tesla's prevention plan include the recommendations and health indicators in the county remain stable, the company will be allowed to ramp up its operations this week, which will, in turn, let it resume full production starting Monday. Health indicators being monitored by county officials include metrics such as sufficient hospital capacity, decreasing number of virus cases and sufficient testing capacity, amongst others.

The nature of recommendations made by county officials to the company management is unclear as the press release does not mention these details. In addition to letting the company resume operations, county officials also state that they will be working with local police to ensure that physical distancing and other measures agreed upon by both parties are being followed.

After his company was not allowed to resume full production, Tesla's C.E.O. Elon Musk stated his willingness to be arrested for violating the county's stay-at-home orders. Following the executive's statements, police officials speaking to local press denied that they had any intention to make arrests at the Fremont plant.

The full text of Alameda County's press release is as follows:

Alameda County Update on Tesla, May 12: We received Tesla’s site-specific Fremont COVID-19 Prevention and Control Plan yesterday as anticipated. A site-specific plan is a part of the Governor’s guidance for reopening manufacturing.

We reviewed the plan and held productive discussions today with Tesla’s representatives about their safety and prevention plans, including some additional safety recommendations. If Tesla’s Prevention and Control Plan includes these updates, and the public health indicators emain stable or improve, we have agreed that Tesla can begin to augment their Minimum Business Operations this week in preparation for possible reopening as soon as next week.

We will be working with the Fremont Police Department to verify Tesla is adhering to physical distancing and that agreed upon health and safety measures are in place for the safety of their workers as they prepare for full production.

Next Monday, May 18th, marks two weeks following the May 4th Order loosening restrictions. Provided that the data show progress with our COVID-19 indicatorsduring this two week period, we would allow additional approved activities for local businesses, including Tesla, as previously planned.

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