TerraMaster Flexible Disk Array (TRAID) Launched, Offers More Redundant Capacity For Larger Storage Solutions

TerraMaster Flexible Disk Array (TRAID) Launched, Offers More Redundant Capacity For Larger Storage Solutions
An example of TerraMaster's new TRAID optimization tree. Source: TerraMaster.

TerraMaster spotlights the launch of the Flexible Disk Array (TRAID) as one of the critical features of the newly released TerraMaster TOS 5 operating system. The TRAID is a new RAID management tool that optimizes standard RAID modes. Launched as a counterpart of the Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR), TRAID gives users flexible disk array configuration, online migration, capacity expansion, and redundancy policies in TOS 5.

TerraMaster Flexible Disk Array (TRAID) is revealed, showcasing new storage technology for the TOS 5 OS

TerraMaster employs the Linux disk management tool to subtly separate the hard disk space of various capacities into shorter partitions and merge the redundancy strategy to recombine the partitions. Furthermore, TRAID enhances disk space utilization and furnishes solutions and security protection for storage space modifications created by new business requirements.

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TRAID Key Features

Flexible Disk Array

TRAID has elements such as the automatic combination of disk space, hard disk failure redundancy protection, and automated capacity expansion.

Higher Disk Space Utilization

Integrating five HDDs with various capacities (1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB, and 10 TB) to create a disk array with redundancy protection only supplies 5TB of functional storage space with the traditional RAID mode (RAID 5). With TRAID's flexible design, you can get up to 23 TB of available storage space.

TerraMaster's optimization when using five different hard disk drives with varying sizes of capacity. Source: TerraMaster.
1Flexible Storage Space Expansion

Once TRAID is installed, users can quickly extend the storage space by substituting the hard drive with a more extensive capacity or expanding the number of hard drives in the system.

Hard Disk Failure Redundancy Protection

TRAID supplies redundant security against a hard disk failure, delivering safeguards for up to one hard disk failure. However, with TRAID+, redundant protection can cover as many as two hard disk failures, adding a newer level of support.

Higher Level TRAID: TRAID+

Consumers can relocate TRAID to TRAID+ by adding more hard drives. TRAID+ mandates at least four hard disks to be utilized.

Screenshot of the creation of the TRAID Storage Pool within TOS 5 OS. Source: TerraMaster.

Readers can learn more about the TerraMaster Flexible Disk Array (TRAID) as well as TerraMaster's line of storage solutions for home, business, and more at TerraMaster.com.

News Source: TerraMaster

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