New Technology To Boost DDR4 Speed To 6.4 Gbps while Saving Power

Sohaib Ahmad

Rambus is known to be a seclusive company. It has always brought many inspiring and unusual products to the stage. If you ever bought a Pentium 4 processor at its launch, u may remember the dual channel RDRAM u had to buy with it. RDRAM was pitted against SDRAM at its launch. Although it brought with it higher performance, the costs were magnanimous. Also the PS3 housed XDR-DRAM, the successor to the RDRAM and the competitor of DDR2 SDRAM. Through the course of history, industry has never fully integrated technologies from Rambus.

Rambus R+

Rambus Hopes To Speed DDR4 To 6.4 Gbps

It is just a matter of months when you will be able to buy DDR4 memory for your computer. Rambus in an effort wants to improve the current DDR4 specification.The new Rambus R+ technology further lowers power consumption by 25% and improves speed by almost 50%, taking it to a staggering 6.4 Gbps. This comparison is between the Rambus R+ technology and the stock DDR4 specification.

Normally DDR3's range clock range  was 800 - 1600 Mhz. DDR4 generally will be rated to run at 1600 - 3200 Mhz. However by overclocking and memory binning, memory speed and latency can be fine tuned, as a consequence speeds of 2400 Mhz on a DDR3 dimm are not a rare sight. The R+ technology is not new as it was implemented on DDR3 modules also but never adopted by the industry.

Normally technologies from Rambus receive a cold-shoulder from the industry. First, RDRAM which was supposed to replace SDRAM, got beat by it due to high costs and law suites. Second, the XDR DRAM which was a good product also did not kick off, only featured in the PS3. This time the technology looks good but Rambus must learn from other companies on how to sell it well. Only time will tell if their R+ technology is implemented in the upcoming DDR4 modules.

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