Techland Reveals Dying Light: The Following With A Trailer

Polish developer Techland has just revealed Dying Light: The Following, the first story based expansion of Dying Light, with a trailer we've embedded below.

Here's what the studio added about the DLC:

Dying Light: The Following is a massive expansion to Dying Light and the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story. Take to a vast new area that will transform your Dying Light experience through new game mechanics, environments and challenges on top of the established core of what made the game a break away success for millions of players around the globe.

‘The Following’ sees Kyle Crane travel to a hazardous outback ruled by mysterious and fanatical cultists whose beliefs have unnerving connections with the zombie outbreak.

To get close to the cult and unravel their secrets, players will need to earn the trust of the locals. Through various missions and tasks, players will be able to choose their own path for infiltrating the inner circles of the cultists. In order to succeed in this harsh countryside, players will also gain access to fully customizable and upgradable dirt buggies. With its own unique skill tree, players will be able to traverse the vast expanse of the Harran countryside in what is their deadliest weapon yet.

Dying Light is one of the best games released this year, successfully marrying the action combat of Dead Island with a parkour traversal system inspired by Mirror's Edge, with the cherry on top being a story that far surpasses anything Techland had previously made. Check out our review to learn more in case you're not familiar with the game, which has already sold more than 5 million units on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

However, it will be interesting to see how the introduction of vehicles will affect the parkour system and the gameplay as a whole. There is no release date yet, but stay tuned and we'll keep you updated; the DLC will be free for Season Pass owners and sold separately for $/€ 14.99.

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