Following Account Breaches, TeamViewer Updates Its Apps with New Security Features

Secure TeamViewer Accounts

TeamViewer has updated its remote access app to version, introducing new security features, including "Message for Trusted Devices."

Earlier this month, we saw a number of reports complaining about TeamViewer accounts being hacked into. Hackers not only breached massive amounts of TeamViewer accounts, but also made purchases using the linked bank accounts. At first, the company said that these user accounts were hacked due to the recent password dumps thanks to LinkedIn, Tumblr and MySpace data breaches. However, later it clarified its stance, apologized, and also released new security features to make sure users stay secure while using TeamViewer.

TeamViewer updates its remote access app

The latest update introduces a new Message for Trusted Devices security feature, that will help prevent hackers and criminals from accessing user accounts. With this new feature, whenever someone tries to sign in to your TeamViewer account using a new device, you will be alerted to confirm if the new device could be trusted before letting it sign in.

The maker of remote desktop and control systems has said that Trusted Devices will add an extra layer of security, as a preventive measure to ensure your account's security. This means you will need to authorize every new device trying to sign in to your account. Here's how to do that:

  • You will see the following pop-up when signing in to the TeamViewer client with your TeamViewer account on a new device.  teamviewer trusted devices
  • You will then receive a sign-in confirmation email to the email account attached to your TeamViewer account.
  • In that email, click the link to authorize the device. This will be forwarded to the TeamViewer Management Console.
  • You will receive a message informing you that the new device is now a trusted device.

If you use the TeamViewer Remote Control app, update it to the latest version to benefit from the new security features.

Along with the app update and Trusted Devices feature, TeamViewer also added a "Data Integrity" feature earlier this month. This security feature will monitor your account for any unusual activity, and will flag the account for a mandatory password reset in case it detects any such activity.

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