TEAMGROUP Has Developed Engineering Samples Of Its DDR5 Memory Modules


TEAMGROUP has officially developed Consumer-Grade DDR5 memory, which is currently the first DDR5 memory in the validation phase with motherboard manufacturers using its engineering samples. These motherboard manufacturers include ASUS, MSI, ASRock, and GIGABYTE, and these manufacturers are testing to ensure that the DDR5 memory surpasses the speed provided by an overclocked DDR4 memory. TEAMGROUP may be the first manufacturer to release consumer-grade DDR5 memory, as TEAMGROUP has developed engineering samples.

TEAMGROUP's DDR5 memory is in the validation phase with various motherboard manufacturers, offering a tentative capacity of 16 GB

TEAMGROUP has been working on creating the first Consumer-Grade DDR5 memory. This memory features a tentative capacity of 16 GB with a RAM speed of 4,800 MHz, which surpasses many DDR4 RAM speeds supported by most manufacturers. The RAM modules are to have a voltage of 1.1 volts, which is a bit lower when compared to DDR4's voltage of 1.2 volts.

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Source: TeamGroup

While TEAMGROUP may be the first manufacturer to release its Consumer-grade DDR5 memory, SK Hynix has released information on its DDR5 memory manufacturing. TEAMGROUP has been able to speed up the development of the DDR5 memory by adjusting its original parameters, and the completed DDR5 RAM is currently in the validation phase using TEAMGROUP's engineering samples.

This validation phase is where TEAMGROUP sends out the RAM modules out to various motherboard manufacturers to ensure compatibility and ensure their motherboards can support the speeds provided by these RAM modules. This validation phase is through the collaboration with the various motherboard manufacturer's R&D teams. These motherboard manufacturers include ASUS, MSI, ASRock, and GIGABYTE. This validation phase ensures that the DDR5 RAM offers faster RAM speed than overclocked DDR4 RAM products.

One interesting fact about the TEAMGROUP press release is that users won't need to access the BIOS to enable the overclocking function to use the highest speed provided by the DDR5 memory. This removes the need to enter into the BIOS, which is how users would access the higher speed provided by DDR4 memory. This also means that users will need to just install the newest generation of memory into a supported motherboard to experience the faster speeds and better latencies provided by the new RAM module.